Inner Balance at Queenstown Adventure Film Festival (New Zealand)

The organizers saw Inner Balance at the Banff Film Fest and wanted it in their own.

The festival is July 31 2008

enjoy :slight_smile:

I dont know of any queenstown riders, although there probably will be some. Most likely they would have hung up their unis for the ski season though :stuck_out_tongue:

ps, this version includes a re-edited manhattan scene (combining the in the unicycling in manhattan youtube clip and the other NY scene in IB) that the Banff folk didn’t think was suitable to show their audience

Congrats, Brian! That’s great to get more exposure.

Thats great news!
Hopefully it will get some film makers in NZ interested in TeamH (or Team NZUni)
Brian, could you pass my details onto the organisers please, although I live on the wrong part of the country I would like these people to easily find me if they would like to get in contact.

will do, mr muzzle, can you pm me your info?

For this to happen, you know you have a great product (DVD) and I’m not just saying this because I’m featured. Being part of the project gave me an inside look at what you have to go through to put something like this together. we spent 4 days of 100 deg temps just to get the NYC footage. Its great to see you get the exposure you deserve for the extreme amount of time and effort you put into this product.

Sweet! Muzzle and I will be on the big screen!

Do you know when the actual screening date is? The festival runs for some days…