Inner Balance and TWNR $10 each for December, Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays people

Paypal me $10 for each DVD plus shipping

sales (at) balanceproductions (dot) ca

1 DVD: can $5, usa $6, intl $8
2 DVDs: can $6, usa $7, intl $10

DVDs available: Inner Balance, Training Wheel Not Required

That’s a great deal. I already bought both but for those of you who don’t own these vid’s, I highly recommend them. I hadn’t watched TWNR for a long while and just plugged it in last night. Great fun. I’m still blown away by the 36 ultimate wheel muni footage.

Damn… I wish I had money…

me too

I just sent you 27 dollars for both the dvds =]

thanks, check your PM for the strange bounceback message i got… (from my email reply, not your payment!)

with the the US/Can $ going back and forth, feel free to pay in whichever works better for you

TWNR: only 200 copies remain :slight_smile: (and I’m not making more)

<bump> :slight_smile:

I bought both the dvds, they are good. Check them out.

The extra footage with the glidecam is pretty sweet. The glidecam definitely makes the footage in Inner Balance come out smooth and have all sorts of great angles. Also that giraffe that Connie was riding looked like it would be really hard to ride. Did anyone else have a go at it? The cranks looked like they rotated differently on either side which would make for a very tricky ride.

The east coast muni weekend in TWNR makes me wish I was there, it looked like a blast.

if I was going to by only one DVD, which one should I get?

Thanks siafirede :slight_smile:

If you are only getting one, Inner Balance is the one to get :smiley:

thanks, I might just have to get it