I’m bored plus I was wondering. what type of injuries have you got fromunicycling that you will live with for the rest of your life. Ex. knees, ankles, sholders, and stuff like that

I’ve dislocated three ribs*, three seperate accidents. I’m not sure how it’ll effect me for the rest of my life, et.c though…

(The technical term is partially dislocated, or sublaxated, whatever)

ive reinjured my hands so many times

This is the Department of Redundant Department, please hold.

I’ve never actually had a unicycling injury. I’m assuming you mean something debilitating…the only things that ever happen to me are pedal bites, and rack-age.

I’ve got one super bad ankle that has about 30% less mobility than my other. That was the cause of the loss of my spot on the track team. :frowning:

Torn rotator cuff, ankle sprains (all over-extension, not rolled) and a really bad palm injury, all mostly healed now, so if anything, I’m riding even more!:stuck_out_tongue:

Falling backwards, injuring wrists

Recently I’ve been playing unicycle hockey with the LUNIs and I have started falling backwards off of my unicycle, landing on my butt and arms. For some reason I am failing to absorb the shock with my arms–I seem to be landing straight-armed, thus transmitting a heck of a shock through them. My left wrist in particular objects to this treatment.

I used to say that when falling off a unicycle I always land on my feet, but I’ve defied that general rule three times in the last five weeks, and my wrist has not entirely recovered.

It hasn’t stopped me riding, but it does make me a bit hesitant to ride backwards.

i dotn get it

A few broken toes, ankles twisting and being sprained, being put in a cast. I few hand and back sores form when I was just starting to jump and use a handle.

I would have lots of pedal bites and scars, but I wear 661s, so those are prevented now, but I have about 10 bad ones before I bought those. I have a nice scar on my ankle I got frame failing an 8-set.

Ive bruised my butt, that one probably hurt the worst, and lasted a while. Also got some bruises on my inner thigh from falling on rails and other skinnies. I fall on my hands a lot, but they never get hurt. Lucky they are callused, so it takes a lot to ever cut my hands now. Stings a little though.

I rarely rack myself. I think I have about 5 times in total of all the times I have unicycled, and I dont want to do it ever again.

Oh, and tire burns. That one left a nice scar right below my knee.

I think thats all of them.

Oh! Falling on my uni and getting the pedals jammed into your back. That sucks.

here is a nice one: …i even wear shinguards, but first i was riding my bc, so the shinguard get twistet and afterwards i went doing a little bit trial and hit a nice rock…

…ok not for the rest of my life, but a big ouch for a couple weeks…

(sorry for my bad english)

besides landing hard on my hands and racking myself a few times i have never been hurt.on a uni you have alot less chance of being hurt than in any other sport like bicycling.

Couple a good noggin smashers that left me reeling and some cuts scrapes and sprained ankles thats about it for me.

I have actually never broken a bone unicycling but I have broken my wrist, collarbone, both thumbs, torn two ligaments, and broken my foot from racing motocross.

my hand that hold the handle started to pain on the pulse…
i think its because of the weight of the unicycle whewn i jump i have to carry all on one hand…

but i never broked or dislocated a bone

A really magnificent bruise on my bum!!

Holy crap! How did you get that magnificant (sp?) bruise?

Holy hell, what did you do? :astonished:

Dropping off a little root with some speed, I think I landed on another root. It really didn’t hurt that bad, walked it off for a couple minutes then finished the ride. Took a couple days for the bruise to appear.

well i broke my arm oin saturday

was just from some fairly simple trails but landed funny on the rock and then landed funny on my arm and snaped radius and unla up towards my elbow.

but apart from that a few nice scars on my legs and normal things really.


Yesterday I was riding a narrow cement ledge and my tire slipped off to one side, I didn’t get hurt to bad but the funny thing was is that it managed to tear one pant leg clean off at about mid thigh, man I felt retarded riding home with half daisy dukes on.