INJURIES "Today I..." Thread

I think it is time for a thread where you can tell us all about your unicycling mishaps. I thought of this as I was sitting in the Blenheim A&E.

I managed to put a nice big gash in my right shin when I was attempting to jump mount while dragging seat out back. I didn’t really think it through and it was the first time in weeks that I hadn’t worn my 661 veggie wraps.
I jumped on, foot slipped, metal pin went through flesh, and left this…
:roll_eyes: I think I will always wear my shin guards from now on

Ouch. That looks so familiar. I did mine on Good Friday. Get well soon.

Had surgery yesterday for labral tear and bicep tear. So now I know to not single hand a tree limb to stop while headed down hill, especially with the side that had been previously injured in other sports.


I’m wondering if anyone ever got injured from their T7 handle?

I got the exact same gash, I just bandaged it up, but was later told I should have gotten stitches. It was late, and I didn’t want to hang out for hours in the emergency room.

I’m wondering if anyone ever got injured from their T7 handle?

It just seems like a UPD off the front could really hurt.

No, I never ended up getting hurt off my T7. It’s pretty skinny in the front and never clipped me during a UPD. On the other hand my T7 has gotten hurt as a result of me. I’ve snapped it at the front plate twice. After the second time I was done with it. I hacked it up a while ago and made a new custom handle instead. It’s great! Thanks Corbin. I’m glad my T7 is gone, it’s a crappy design. Good thing the new KH T-Bar handle is out. It looks amazing especially compared to the T7. I just ordered one, and I still can’t wait. It’ll be here on Wednesday, and I’ll write a mini review on it when I ride on it some.

As you can see on my avatar, i had a little accident on my unicycle. I was riding my nightrider 36 and started going down a small but steap hill too fast and last control and bailed backwards. It’s actually only a small scrape by my elbo that bleed a lot down my arm, but it made a cool picture :slight_smile: