Information for Unicyclists in the UK

Hi I’m Dan and I’m the webmaster for the UUU (Union of UK unicyclists). I need to announce a few things.

The website now has News & event feeds (RSS & HTML) which can be updated by anyone (see the part on this post about myUUU) which I’m trying to keep up to date but it would be good if people added events and news themselves.

Events RSS:
News RSS:

The website now has a unified club database (hockey teams are in the same database) which people can also add/edit/delete using myUUU. A few clubs have posted their information but it still needs more. I think this is quite a cool feature because it lets someone in the club edit their information whenever they want.

myUUU is a feature on the UUU website that allows members of the “UK unicycle forums” to login to UUU website and add/edit/delete their content (events, news and clubs). It is available at

The site also has more content on it now. The Freestyle, Muni, Road, Street & Trials section has content now (including pictures and example videos).

Let me know what you guys think. Please tell others about the myUUU features so people can start using it.



PS: Oh if something doesn’t work then please let me know. To my knowledge everything works in IE6 (functional but not perfect), IE7+, Firefox, Google Chrome.

Lots of nice content on there now Dan. Just a suggestion though. Wouldn’t it be better if the example pictures and videos were of British people, being the Union of UK Unicyclists?


Lol yes it would. Unfortunetly I don’t have any (although the trials one is from an OLD BUC). If anyone can provide good alternative photos to the ones I’ve used then I’ll use them.