info Please

My son just informed me he would like a Unicycle for his birthday. Went on ebay to look around, I’m throughly confused. He will be 23 on 30th. 5’9" I think 145 lbs. He bicycles to work 10 miles, lifeguards on beach, just joined gym.
Does it matter what size wheel? 20,24, 29? If you can help with a few guidelines for an inexperienced rider, I would be very grateful. Thanks.

i’m no expert but for 5’9" 24 sounds good for learning to me. check udc’s learner uni section for some nice options.

Wheel size depends on what he wants to do w/ it after he learns.

20" - freestyle and light trials. Can do light Muni, but a 24 is better (faster, rolls over bumps better).
24" - commuting, light muni. Learning will be a bit slower than on a 20". Can do freestyle and light trials but a bit harder.

I wouldn’t recomend learning on anything larger than a 24.

Torker LX’s are good learners. You can get one for about $80 off e-bay.

Here’s one for $40. don’t wory about the seat, they aren’t that comfortable anyways (use duct tape untill you get a better one). You’ll want to get a Nimbus Gell or a KH Freeride or street off UDC

I recomend using a long rail or wall for learning. The seat & pedals will last longer that way.

20’ is better for tricks, street ect… and trials…little muni
24 is better for muni
29 in touring stuff, a little muni.

I recommend the 24" Torker LX, it is the most versatile option while still being very affordable. Some of the other posters were slinging around some terms you might not be familiar with. The word “muni” stands for mountain unicycling, off road riding.

do you mean the pedalo or the books?

I had called local bike store, left message ,they didn’t get back to me. I have been watching a Hamburg, Gravity and a Torker on ebay, while waiting and hoping someone would repy to my post. Thanks so much for the info.

undet the online catalog go to unicycles… then go to beginner series… then select adult trainers.