Inexpensive 36"

I am looking into buying a 36" unicycle and i was wondering what the least expensive one was. It doesnt need to be very strong, i would just use it for riding and maybe an occasional curb. i used the search and didnt find anything.

Thanks in advance

if you’re 12 years old, go for a 29", 36 is too big for you… the qu-ax 29" is great! it’s not that expencive either!:smiley:

Age doesn’t matter as much as height, a 36’er with long cranks would be fine.

The coker big one is the cheapest.

i have a 33" inseam and im around 5’6 would that be ok?


YOUR 5’6’’ and your 12?!?!?!

I’m around 5’6’’ 5’7’', and i’m 15!!

I’m 5’7" and 13
I also have been looking for a cheap coker
I thought the UDC 36er was the cheapest?
But we cant get the Big One is Aus

You’re fine then…
say that you need a full 9 inches above the wheel for the seat and post and whatever-that still leaves you enough room(barely) for 150mm crank arms.

125mm or shorter cranks and you’d be fine for sure.

In Australia you don’t have much choice but to go to UDC…which has a 36er for $625 AU that is currently out of stock.

If you don’t want to wait you could just go for the V2

I bought a 360 radial for 340 USA $, last year

These models had a cheaper steel rim, but it works just fine. I think it has been discontinued in favor of an alum rim model that costs 100 $ more.

If you search 36 uni and radial 360 on ebay, I think these old steel Radials are about the cheapest you will find.

You are plenty big enough to ride one.:slight_smile:

dont you mean short cranks? longer cranks= longer reach

im 5’4" and 16:o

i got a coker big-one with 114 cranks and I’m 5ft10 I think and i’m 14 years old

im 6" 1 and 16. wooo.

and ive never riden a coker or 36.

anyone with a 29" inseam should be able to ride a 36’er although 125mm cranks would be about as long as you can go with a 29" inseam I think. Not exactly sure what the cheapest option would be. Probably the Coker Big One, but order directly through Coker and it’s cheaper.

I’m 6’ and 15 years old lol. At 167cm (5’6") you’ll be able to ride a 36" I’m pretty sure.

i think i might go with the 29" nimbus because its only like $275 and i dont want to spend 500 on a Coker Big One

Well my mate has one of these. This is like the basic/entry version. But if you can’t afford a 36". Then try the alternative which is the 29".

My son is 4’8". The new QU-AX Big One (ISIS) is just fine for him. He directly started with 125mm cranks. He now switched to 114mm cranks.
We also own a 29", that he rides now and then. If he were allowed to have just one, it would be the big one.

great idea.

I’m 5’6" and I’m 47 :astonished:

and I’ve got a Nimbus 36" with 150 (pedantically that should be 6") cranks on it. I don’t know about my inseam but I know my legs are fairly short for my height, or lack of height, so I would have thought you would be tall enough.

Kids are getting so tall these days, I met 2 twin girls who were both 12. They were 5’11 and 6’!!! Scary times. End threadjack