indoor unicycling tricks

what tricks can i with limited space (my bedroom) while is is raining as i am a trials unicyclist if it’s nice i am on benches and stuff but i would like to be able to do more freestyle help!!

Hmm…Things that can be done in limited space. Could be a good time to work on your weak side:

Hopping seat in, either foot forward.

Jumping seat out, either foot forward.

Idling, one foot idling.

Uni spins.

Jump mount.

Still stands.

Beginning wheel walk.

Thats what I would have siad!

My trials was away getting a splined hub fitted, for about 3 weeks, so I learnt some ‘freestyle’ type stuff.

I enjoyed it, and learnt quite a bit of stuff, like uni-spins, jump, running jump and kickup mounts, and practiced coasting


Now that it’s the winter, I’m practicing hopping, idling, and all sorts of freestyle tricks like wheel walking, one footed wheel walking, and gliding (does gliding count as freestyle?).
But freestyle does require a fairly large indoor area.

not all tricks do i can do a few thing in my room eg hop my dt folder for added danger put my course work in side i can 1ft and i can do a little wheel walking but i am looking for other stuff

Standup wheelwalking (seriously).

Also, wet gliding (suicidally fun, I tried it on a really sttep hill, nearly took out a dog walker)

Hop standing on the wheel

Seat drops and pickups (hand in hand w/ stillstands)

Build a new trials uni

Backwards wheelwalking

Hand wheelwalking

Sideriding (not worth your time)

1ft bkwrd

ultimate wheel

or, the ever-satisfying fallback, staring out the window wishing it were sunny.

There are things like coasting and stand up wheel walk which i have achieved in my bed room :slight_smile:
Also Impossible wheels :slight_smile:


It was waiting for the cranks Joe, the hub was fitted in a flash.

My indoor tricks include making a hole in the kitchen door, hopping, still-stands, one foot idling.

Thick carpet is hard to ride on.


Didn`t he say ‘limited space’? Never saw someone doing side ride seriously while using as much space as someone doing unispins.
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:



Ruhrpott Unitrials

I know… sorry! I didnt mean to blame you! You provide a quality service, although it is very expensive! :stuck_out_tongue: LOL

Roger was waiting for the cranks, as he was only sent 4 pairs!

Thanks again Mike! Hope to see you soon - BUC11 is the next I think.