indoor rollers for unicycling on?

I read a message either here or on the unicycle mailing list about bicycle
rollers that someone successfully unicycled on indoors… is there a
specific brand/model or width, something that I can make thats inexpensive
or top of the line to get?

I just crashed up my bicycle recently and rather than repairing it or
getting a new one I thought I’d just continue my fitness this winter with
the unicycle only. The one thing about riding indoors, whether idling on
it or unicycling on rollers is that I imagine it gets very boring. Out on
the road I could at least go out half the distance and know that I have
to come back to get back home! :slight_smile: Kind of a forced motivation.

So anyone using these rollers?

Unicycling on rollers would be like coasting–almost impossible .Rollers
don’t give you the traction you need to maintain your forward/backward
balance. Unicycling on a treadmill would be possible–but probably boring.