Independence Pass update

Ahhhh, so nice to ride to summit today; without any motorized vehicles. CDOT blasted through the last snow on Tuesday, so it was open to the summit the last two days. I rode up mid morning and rode down early afternoon. It is such an awesome place, and to be able to ride on any part of the road, w/o noise is such a blessing. I had a nice casuual spin up to the Continental Divide, enjoyed the summit w/o anyone for a good 20 minutes. Then riders from both sides of the Divide started summiting, and the party began. Soooo fun up top at 12,000’+, warm temps, light winds, none of us wanted to leave. I left, rode down the Atlantic side for a bit, then turned around and summited again. The Colorado High Alpine Country was magical today:D, so glad I made the time to enjoy it. Arrived back at the bottom, where there was a line of cars getting ready to drive over the top. 5 minutes later CDOT opened it up for the season:( it is such a special place w/o motors :slight_smile: now I get to cut 1/2 hour drive time off to Denver and :slight_smile: there is some NICE skiing to be had up there this weekend. Get up there you Colorado folks, time to enjoy Indy Pass.
Total climb 3,877’ 1,182 meters
Average speed up 6.6 mph 10.6 km/hr
Average speed down 10.8 mph 17.4 km/hr
Time up 1hr54min
Average heart rate up 148 bpm
Average heart rate down 114 bpm
Peace amd Happiness

ist pic Bottom of Pass at Winter Gate
2nd pic last little climb before Continental Divide- always kicks my ass

1st pic Some big snowbanks to ride next to again this year
2nd pic The almost buried Continental Divide sign



I enjoy climbing passes. When I can find a good rhythm and the endorphins kick in with snow along the side make for a nice ride.

I’m glad you took the time to do it before the cars and trucks started over.

did you know that the Panama Canal crosses that same continental divide? you do now!

Very cool Mike, I am hoping to see the same walls of snow when I go up Mt. Evans this weekend.

Nice pics again Mike. I’m very jealous of your big mountains. Nice of them to provide unicycle stands at the bottom and top :slight_smile:


Beautiful, again, Mike.

Been there, uni’ed that. Not nearly as much snow, though.