Independence Pass, Co. 3,687 meters

Not much time left to get high on a uni around Aspen. Each storm brings lower snow levels and colder temps. Yesterday I made time to get in a small ride up Independence Pass, so glad I did.The weatherwas unbelievable, and the scenery was peaking fall; from the gold aspens early in the ride to the fresh snow up high, Colorado is pretty damn nice:D

Ride stats:
25 miles (41 km)
4,000’ climbing (1219 meters)
8.5 mph average speed (13.7 km/hr) *scenery made this a pure recreational ride)
45 F (7.2 C) Average temp
150 Bpm Average heart rate
10,500’ (3,200 meters) Average riding elevation

Deer, Elk, Red Tail Hawk, Golden Eagles, Chipmunks, and Grey Squirrels kept my eyes off of the road

Thanks for the photo’s. It is always a pleasure to see the sights.

Awesome! Man, those cranks look gargantuan! But I guess you need them for all the climbing.

I guess I missed this one. Awesome pics as usual:)

Are those three hole cranks? What are the lengths?

Is that someone taking a leak in the background? :smiley: