Incorrect weights of unicycles on US

Hey folks,

I just wanted to post something that I found not great about

I ordered a hatchet and before ordering asked Josh to confirm the weight at advertised 13.5 lbs. he replied that weight can be off by up to a pound. I told him as long as it’s under 15 lbs that’s fine.

Hatchet shows up…over 17 lbs! 30% more than advertised!

I tried to post a review on the website and asked him to please post the correct weight so that his customers could make an informed decision…it was blocked.

This is just not right. Unicyclist are better than this. A very honest mature non-deceptive group.

As the GM of the company and owner of a hatchet he had to have known the weight of the hatchet isn’t 13.5 lbs.

Josh, please post the correct weight of your unicycles so we can choose based on actual facts please.


At (UK) and there are 7.8kg (=17.2 lbs)

Yeah it was specifically the US website, and Josh that I’d emailed…my post title was changed by the admin here…

Happy to see the other two have correct weight.

Thank you

Interesting that on the US site, two of the Hatchets are listed as ~13.5lbs, and one is listed as ~13.2lbs.

Clearly these figures have not been pulled out of thin air (as they vary), so I wonder what has occurred if these figures are so far off reality.

I’ve experienced issues with the stated weights of unicycles before, but it was my RGB from UDC UK, and apparently the weight they list was provided by Qu-Ax themselves.

It’s still wrong:

The RGB 27.5" as it’s sold on there comes in at almost exactly 6KG rather than the 5.6KG listed.

I wouldn’t have minded so much, but I actually emailed Josh and he confirmed that it was within a pound of advertised weight!

So, he literally lied about the unicycle he was selling….that’s just not right.

It’s listed as the only best seller and you’re right, two different weight, so very specific. While the European sellers both listed the correct weights.

It’s just very dishonest.

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As well, the website only allows good reviews. I have tried to review it and been blocked. I also tried to ask a question on the website publicly about the weight and was blocked.

There’s something very dishonest going on with that website and business. Only good reviews allowed, incorrect weights.

I had hoped that unicycle folks would be different as most riders are really good people.

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I gave a 4 star review of my hatchet which pretty much said it was a great product but not something you should buy as a first or only unicycle and that the fat tire does have some serious drawbacks that are inherent to it. My review is still up.

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Try giving lower than 3 stars…or saying something about the weight…

There are 27 five star reviews and 1 four star review.

Seems odd that not a single person had a 3 star review or had anything but great things to say about ordering from

Meaning…they likely are screening the reviews to only show positive reviews.

Overall, I’m just really shocked by this type of business practice.

Btw, the hatchet itself is actually a great unicycle and well built, and if Josh were just honest it would still sell and not piss off customers with bad information and blocking negative reviews.


I don’t really want to speculate on whether screening goes on or on which products. I’m just hesitant to slam a vendor that I have actually had no issues with. I did give a 3 star review to the d’Brake adapter and so far as I know, it is still up. The d’Brake adapter is only around $30 however and I doubt it makes up a significant portion of their sales.

FWIW, I gave it three stars because I find it equally brilliant and kludgy. It allows you to cheaply and easily convert unicycles without disc brake mounts to accept disc brake calipers. It’s kludgy because it has a known flaw and the solution seems to be to include a bent bracket that doesn’t really fit anything.

The one product I did receive from UDC USA that was defective was a quick release clamp with oversized nuts that would slide over the threads of the bolts. I emailed UDC the details of what I had found and they mailed me new nuts that I received within a few days.

Well, maybe it was just my review that was blocked…which would be strange. But I don’t see a single review of the hatchet below 4 stars. And definitely the weights of the hatchets are incorrectly posted, which I can’t imagine is by accident. Especially since I have an email from Josh specifically about the weight of the hatchet and him verifying it’s within one pound of the advertised 13.5.

So, I am not being quick to slam him I don’t think. He purposely misled me via email and other customers by giving false weights on his website about his best selling products!

That’s just wrong, and I’m surprised no one else has said anything about it up to this point.

I guess the way I see it is that I will give most vendors the benefit of the doubt, until it is proven that they are operating in bad faith.

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I concur Duff. In this case the proof is the email from Josh stating the weight is within a pound of the 13.5 advertised weight.

There’s just no way that he couldn’t know the actual weight of the best seller. He’s the GM of the company!

Only two explanations…

  1. He doesn’t know his own best selling product…unlikely
  2. He is purposely misleading customers to sell more…

I’m leaning towards the later.

Anyway, it’s not a bad unicycle at all…. I just think everyone should know what they are actually getting when they order.

Are you by chance connected to

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Nope. I’ve just ordered from them perhaps half a dozen times.

Without screenshots and more quantitative evidence, this is starting to feel witch-hunty. I’m referring to screenshots of you being blocked and your review not being public all that (not saying it didn’t happen, just saying it would help your argument). And as for the post I’ve replied to, there are more options (also, is it factually the best selling product? Or is that another assumption? I would think something Club-branded sells more):

  1. They made a weighing/interpretation mistake somewhere along the way.
  2. It didn’t include the tire or brake or something. I’m not sure what the weight includes.
  3. It changed at some point, and the website never got updated.
  4. It was a typo.
    etc. etc.

I list those options not because I think thats the answer, but because you are kinda-sorta portraying this as malicious when we really don’t know.

I’ve been following your post this entire time for the most part because I’m interested. The site in question is a major site for unicycling gear, so I think we all probably care a bit. My experience with them has been great, but that doesn’t mean you are wrong. I do wish they would chime in here to straighten things out, or whatever. If they are censoring reviews, that just seems silly (and obviously unethical). Just don’t have reviews at all - it likely won’t change anything in this niche market.


Udc is a good company, no body stocks what they do for our sport not only in the US but world wide, we would all be screwed without them.
There is nothing else like a hatchet out there, if it said 17 pounds would you have bought it any way? probably. I’ve seen Roger from udc uk, nitpicked on this sight now josh from udc us. I think it is unfair these guys fuel our passions for unicycling and I feel there is nothing dishonest about to their company.


Thank you, Ryan.

Thank you, Bug.

Now, Dave. Will you please call them on Monday morning, and voice your concerns to an actual person via phone, and ask them to update their website? There may be a greater than zero chance that the conversation will go well, and UDC might update the specs on their website if they are incorrect.

It does seem like you have an agenda, other than being happy with your purchase of a Hatchet unicycle.


Why was it necessary for the unicycle to be 15 lbs? :confused: I’m not criticizing. Just simply curious.

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Well, like any other cycling sport - there is value in lightness. If you underestimate how light it actually is, nobody is likely gonna complain. Overestimate and there is trouble. And to an extent, I think that is rightfully so.

There are whole threads and groups of people spending legit money to lose a few grams here and there from their rigs.

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Huh. Interesting. So, competition was the goal then? Mine was fitness. So a heavier weight would be an advantage I guess. :thinking:


I think the goal was to get the product that was advertised :face_with_diagonal_mouth: