In what practical way do you use your unicycle?

Even unicyclists fail to realise the practicality of riding a unicyle day to day. Which is a pity as it is a viable form of touring and commuting with many benefits over more common options.

I used to commute to work every day of hte year regardless of weather. But aside from that, I have found it is easy to take on flights, Eurorail, buses, ferries.

While I was on a transport related forum this evening I had cause to consider where I have used unicycle as personal transport.

On reflection I was surprised how many far away places I have ridden. Major and lesser cities on five continents including

  • Scotland * England * France * Switzerland * Italy * New Zealand * Mauritius * Singapore * Indonesia

And, of course, the capitals of six states and territories in OZ - Perth (duh!), Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and everywhere in-between

Unfortunately plans to tour the US and Canada that had been paid for were killed off when I suffered my first heart arrest. With Covid, chances to expand my list are not looking good.

The unicycle is approaching 70,000km metered and is looking good for the same again. The body will eventually be what gives up.

Think outside the box about where YOU can usefully use your unicycle.

Share your ideas here. If you already usefully ride, share that too.


In my over a decade of riding, I have primarily used it for its practicality.

I’ve commuted by unicycle (in combination with buses/trains) to almost every job I’ve ever had. I would not have been able to do those trips as easily walking or with anything but a folding bike.

These days I don’t need my unicycle for commuting to work but it’s still the most practical cycle that I own for casual trips into the city.
Recently I’ve been riding a tandem with the gf and my god I’d forgotten how much hard work bicycles are. Yes I can go faster, and I could go the same speed with less effort but I completely wear myself out every time we/I go out on it. On the 36er once I’ve got up to speed that’s it - I just chill out and ride.

That’s the biggy that differentiates a uni as a form of transport - the ability to mix it in with public transport

Indeed, in Perth Transperth publishes on their “Bikes on Transperth” page that I am unrestricted on both trains and buses, including no restrictions on peak hours either. AFAIK there is no other transport authority on the planet which has a specific policy wrt unicycles.

Though a survey of one does not have great scientific merit we can be fairly sure that for almost anyone any form of gentle and extended exercise is going to be good. And on a unicycle rides are going to be in the extended group.

It is particularly good for the back as it encourages a good upright posture.