In love with Naomi

Probably the best distance/Muni saddle out there :sunglasses:

I had a chance to ride the Impact Naomi this week after checking it out at Unicon. After spending years chopping my foam to bits, I’ve finally found a seat that works great off the shelf. It’s the slimmest saddle I could find and feels the closest thing to a bike seat whilst still being a unicycle seat
-it’s flat (ish)
-low profile

Forget perineal cutouts or brick like foam- a saddle should support you in the right places and not get in the way.

Many distance saddles feel like you’re riding an equine saddle, but I think a unicycle is more like a bike than a horse. Mostly this is due to excess foam- once something squishes a few mm’s, it’s not going to squish anymore, and just wedges against your crotch.

Standing up off the pedals was easy- there was freedom to move around and the saddle didn’t get in the way. Particularly important if you have as much cellulite as me (=no chaffing)

Anyway, enough raving.

The bad points
-the saddle cover is a bit fiddly. Instead of laces, it has holes that fit through the seatpost bolts.
If you have a thick seatpost it’s hard to get it on. I ended up clamping the seatpost directly to the seat, and only using two of the saddle cover holes under the bolt. Works fine though.
-not designed to take the KH T-bar.
-limited angle adjustment-
-Uses nuts to secure the seat instead of allen bolts

Aside from that- I don’t know why they sell it as a street saddle- I think it’s the best Road and XC MUni saddle out there.

Anyone else tried it?

edit This probably should be in unicycle product reviews instead of RSU


Never even heard of it! Do you have a link/pics/price and where it’s available?

I think it’s still fairly new:

Hmm, was wondering why I didn’t find it at UDC. That looks ultra thin and still seems to have a pretty prominent curve to it. You prefer that to the latest KH fusion freeride saddle for MUni/distance? To me it looks best suited for street/flat, where you’re not on the saddle much at all.

Absolutely. I have a KH Freeride- I’ve taken the foam off entirely and it has a couple of strips of neoprene on it. That is a little too little padding, but allows plenty of freedom to move and is much more comfortable- you don’t have all this foam wedged against your crotch. I think the Naomi strikes a nice balance though.

It’s not as curved as it looks- or maybe that 's just the fact it’s very low profile.

I’ve only ridden it for a few hours, but if I had to do my 24hr record again- this is what I’d be using.

ok cool. I might have to try it. Thanks for the review! :slight_smile:

Renegade carries them.

Anyone know if this is this a bolt-on seat, or does it have rails? I’m trying to find out if it will work with my KH29 stock seat post.

Bolt on… go to Addict web site for pdf of catalog… good pics… but stuff is NOT cheap.

ive got it on mine, but i would hate to ride more than 5kms continous on it. its fantastic for trials i will say.

I have changed my saddle from a fusion freeride to a fusion street for the same reason: less padding seems to be better for me. It was a good dicission.

Yep, we all have different seat preferences…this is my opinion only.

But just for the sake of comparison- was your Naomi on a trials uni? It’s not easy to ride 5km on a 20", no matter what the seat. And you’d have to compare that with something like a Fusion Freeride or other ‘distance’ saddle on the same unicycle.

The thing for longer distances is that handlebars help too. I reckon a Naomi with a good handlebar would be pretty close to perfect for me, without going to a bicycle seat.

You had me quite worried for a moment there Gizmo. I am not used to such public displays of affection.



And Naomi has such beautiful curves too

I was wondering if you were going to weigh in on this one or not Naomi. Based on Ken’s original post I thought that we might have a little web page romance going on.