Improved spam fight 🥊

Hey guys! :wave:

The new software is quite efficient at spam fight and blocks spammers most of the time before they even have posted their first message. We usually delete between 10 and 20 spam accounts per day.

Some spammers still are able to post on the forum and you usually flag their post so we can remove their message fairly quickly.

If a spam post is flagged multiple times it is automatically hidden for all the users.
So, please, report them as it benefits the community even before a moderator has a look at it :wink:

That said, I just installed a new feature (using Askimet) that should increase the spam block efficiency, so if everything is working well, you should see even less spam on the forum starting from today.


I’ve barely seen any since the transition, so you must be doing something right.

Normally my daily routine is to check all new accounts each day. Haven’t done this the past week due to holiday. And you still haven’t seen much spam this week. The system works very well.


I haven’t seen any spam posts recently, but have seen a number of bumped threads with no new replies where something has obviously been deleted. A minor niggle.

Will the improvements assist with removal of posts, or removal of accounts before posts?

It may be due to spam messages that bump the topic, and are deleted after. But the bump remains. We can reset the bump date after, but the topic is still “legit” in some kind, I won’t bother to do it.
However, I’ll do it if it’s a #trading-post topic from 3 years ago, for example. :smile:

Should improve both.

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