Implode, die section/zeropointzero

Hey anyone else here with universe II notice that the url for implode the song done by “die section” and now renamed zeropointzero, no longer exist? it was I belive.

I think it kinda sucks that the address on the dvd no longer exists, but it isn’t universe II’s fault, but the bands, Although they do kinda piss me off for not keeping up a measily page, for there music, on a free host I’d still really like there song, ANYONE know where to get the song emplode?!?!?!?!? I can’t find it anywhere, email it to me if you can, I must have it.

If I get it and others want it i’ll stick it on my server for all!

It’s not the band’s fault. is not the same site now that it was back when Universe II came out. The of old went out of business or sold or something and is no longer like the way that it was.