Impact, Kris Holm and Mad4One question

If I have a KH Moment hub, will Impact Frames and Mad4One cracks fit onto it?

Does the type of cranks you have effect whether your frame fits?


As long as the Mad4one cranks are standard ISIS there should be no issue. The same goes for the frame as well .


Yes, the story about non-fitting ISIS is because when Koxx-One made ISIS crancks they used an older revision of the (official) standard.
The ones you mention are all equal, (by head rev. 0.3), and so all fitting well together.

That is; for the ISIS part, second question you asked I can also answer with a yes. Some cranks may hit the frame. There is only few situation where this is an issue. I know only of one occasion. Your combination seems safe to me.

But… what frame are we talking about?

It sounds like it should be fine. i had rubbing issues with quax cranks on a koxx hub and kh frame but a 8MM spacer fixed it.

I was talking about a reagent frame?

You should be fine. I have mad4one cranks with an impact gravity frame and it doesn’t hit.