Impact Gravity 26in

I have been thinking about getting a mountain unicycle and was looking at the KH 27.5, but recently found the Impact Gravity 26 in. I already own a impact gravity for trials and really like that unicycle, and the new Impact Gravity unicycle looks like it would be a good unicycle

link to the unicycle:

Any advice on this, and how it would compare to a KH unicycle.


It’s got an even rounder crown. Thus there’s even less chance of bashing your knees but you won’t easily rest your legs on the frame when riding one-footed or none-footed.

The rim is heavier, a few mm narrower and repellent to tubeless. That’s a b[/b].

Most riders dislike that saddle compared to KH’s. b[/b]

It’s got an inbound disc. That’s a b[/b].

It’s 26 inch / 559mm rim. See the discussion about that topic. Unless you are specifically looking for a 26er, you might better go 27.5 inch / 584 mm instead.

Nevertheless it’s a beautiful well-designed muni. And I like that style b[/b].

I disagree on some points:

  • the dominator rims can be converted to tubeless
  • all current KH´s come with the fusion one. That is also not everyones darling (especially without handle). Plus you need a different seatpost if you want the full saddle choice with standard base plate.

I would make my decision based on tire size and availability. Personaly I think those current plus size tires (2,8 to 3,25) are an excellent choice for Muni. In this area 27,5 offers a larger choice of tires compared to 26.

For std tire size up to 2,4/2.5 there are zillions of 26 tires as well…

Up to you :smiley:

Thanks for point out the saddle. I assumed wrongly the KH came with the KH Freeride saddle. So maybe they are about equal.

And regarding tubeless - in case that’s even a point one want to consider - “repellent” might have been too strong wording, but I’d stick to “clearly less suited for” (by personal experience; proper, not split tube).

A bigger argument is the rim’s weight though - but that b[/b] might also be a b[/b] if you are a rim smasher.

Thanks for your input.

I don’t have a huge preference on wheel size, and I will mainly be doing a lot of technical muni as well as drops up to 6ft, so I will be needing a unicycle that is quite strong and durable, but i will also be using it for some cross country so maybe i would want a 27.5 inch.

I’d recommend 27.5". I have a 26", and can’t get the tires I want for exactly the kind of Muni you describe. Speed difference etc. is negligeable, but good tires around 3" wide are so rare on 26", and plentiful on 27.5". As always, seat choice is pretty personal, I’d switch the pedals on both.

Both will probably be similarily strong.

Don’t you think it is a bit of a steep price. The Nimbus 26" should be just as good a uni I suppose. The second uni I bought was a KH26 which is a nice very ride, but most of my other unis are Nimbus which I like just as much. Nowadays I think that KH is overpriced. I don’t have experience with an Impact Gravity.
Mostly I think the Nimbus gel saddle is comfortable, but for longer distance I prefer the KH Fusion Slim saddle, which I believe I have on the 32"

I’m a big advocate for not obsessing over material, and I’ll always say that most unicycles are ridden well below their capabilities. But, the “next tier” unicycles over a Nimbus oracle (Impact Muni, QX RGB, Kris Holm, Mad4one) are noticably better, if you are pushing your riding. I ride a Nimbus Oracle (with a few parts swaped out). The frame flexes, you have the thin seatposts, and usually you get pretty basic tires, those are my bigger complaints. I’ll probably always build custom unicycles to get exactly what I want though, but I guess that’s something you can only do once you have a bit of experience.

Pretty much any Muni from (Nimbus, Mad4one, Urc, Kris Holm, Impact, Qu-ax) will be pretty fine with whatever you throw at it. I’d say you mostly get luxury things, like lighter weight, and the mentioned stiffer frames for the extra money.

As mentioned, I highly recommend the 27.5", just for the tire availability. I have no clue why the Impact is 26"…

There is a noticeable difference between 26 and 27.5. For a beginner I would recomend a 26’er for muni as it is easier to ride. I’m wondering if the 26’er tyres are coming back, because you have some options now. I think Surly Dirt Wizard 26 x 3.0 for instance is new, and there is also Surly Knard 26 x 3.0. WTB also has several 26’er tyres in the 2.8 - 3.0 range.

I’ve read variations on this statement. Such as (and I paraphrase) “Quit complaining about your inferior setup and learn how to ride.” Or “improvements in technique make a bigger difference than < Kg weight savings.” While I agree with these statements, I think weight is an important factor in a unicycle. A heavier setup responds more slowly, feels sluggish. I know that a better rider could kick my ass on a heavier setup, but I’m talking about my own, personal experience of riding, what feels comfortable, what allows me to ride better.

Absolutely. I don’t want to keep people from buying nice equipment if they can afford it, and want it. But I don’t want people to stop practicing, because they don’t feel their unicycle is up to it when it is.

i’m not a beginner as I’ve been riding about 5 years. I’m also not completely knew to mountain unicycling. I grew up riding in the mountains of Papua New Guinea (6000ft) which has greatly improved my skill, and been a great experience. But since it is hard to get a unicycle over to PNG I have been saving for quite a while, and will now be returning the the US, where i get my new muni. I’m wanting to be able to perform to the best of my abilities, so yes, getting a lighter tire,frame,ect, is a priority for me. Do you guys the think that the KH 27.5 would be the best option.



You might find the QX rgb 27.5er / 584mm to be your best option then. Initially you asked only to compare KH and Impact. So here you go with an inbound disc, better axle, awesome saddle, superb style, the only con possibly being the slightly narrower rim, but most importantly with it’s total incredible 5.6 kg it’s about 10% lighter.

Not for the moment. Mtb market has gone to 27.5 and 29. The big tire makers are Maxxis, Schwalbe, Conti, some other.

Surly and WTB are minor players in this market and found their niche.

So ur saying that there are also mountain-bikes with 27.5 inch wheels? I thought that size was invented for unicycles only. My mountain bike which I bought 10 years ago has 26" wheels, but now that I got into unicycling, I know a little bit more about bike parts. Was never that interested really, but I regret not having bought a mtb with 29" wheels. On the other hand when I want to ride, I first think of taking a uni.

All new Mtb´s are in 27.5 and 29 only. There is no more new 26, except for kids and some niche/custom makers. And yes, 27.5 came form the MTB market. :smiley: We are a niche and Uni makers followed the main market.

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I know only of Goudrix selling Quax unicycles in North America. Though they are currently out of stock on QX rgb 27.5ers. No wonder they were sold out at that price. (600USD!)