Im so proud!

Greetings fellow uni-ma-cyclists.
Ive been practicing now for <counts on fingers> a total of 4 - 5 hours (In half hour sessions) and I really feel that today I’ve reached a personal milestone :D… not sure if this is the best place to announce this, but here I am anyway.

Today I went wandering a little bit around where I live and took a tape measure with me. In each of the (3) different locations I managed to unicycle the following distances before falling off.

4.20m - 3.60m - 5.20m

I know it’s not much, but to me it’s just more of a reason to keep going.
My little tip that I’m going to pass on to others who are learning is that you really need a couple of different places to unicycle. It can get boring / monotonous (depends on the person) in just one location. It helped me anyway :slight_smile:

Right well, again I apologise if this is the wrong place. Time to keep practicing!

Ride safe

Fab. Keep practicing. :smiley:

Well done. I found that once I could get 5m or so regularly then it is amazing how quick you start learning from here on. I was over the moon when I got to the 10m mark. A couple more hours and you should be able to go far enough that controlled turning becomes important. Once you learn to ride straight and turn then it’s a good idea to learn freemounting as i am now, so that it’s less embarrassing to ride in public without assistance to get on.

well done mate! :slight_smile: its a great feeling going those first few meters isnt it!

where abouts in the uk do you live?


Nice one. Keep at it and it will get ever more rewarding.


Keep it up, before you know it you’ll be riding all over your neighborhood:)

Should be in the brag thread.

Nah the brag thread is for hick flips and unispins, This is more of an introduction than a brag :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community!

Once you can get 5m you are well on your way to going 50 then 500 then well, some of us never really ride further than that and work on tricks…

Back when my rides were in the 2-10m range I found that finding a gentle downhill sometimes helped me go further faster. With a little bit of speed comes stability until you loose control and have to run out of it :slight_smile:

Have fun and keep on keepin on!

good job and WELCOME.

each new thing you learn will re-charge you to keep learning.

South-west area, in the land of tractors and a drawly accent.
Dorset :smiley: