I'm relatively new here and I would like help answering a question.

What would you recommend? Me buying a Kris Holm 36, an Nimbus impulse 36, or a Kris Holm 29 with the schlumpf hub. I am saving up. I don’t care about price. What do you all think about the practicality of it. I live where it is windy so I thought the latter choice wouldn’t make me a wind sail as much. I was wandering though if the schlumpf hubs are durable though. Any thoughts?

What’s your past uni experience?

What do you want to use it for? Just road, XC Muni, mix?

Is portability for travel important? (eg on a plane)

I would recommend against a Schlumpf unless you are certain you want one. Schlumpfs are significantly more difficult to learn to ride than other unicycles, and they never really get easy. If you don’t have a 36 yet, get one, or an ungeared 29 depending on what kind of riding you want to do.

What are you riding at the moment?

Get an Impulse but switch out the aluminum hub for a new Oracle hub so that you can get the soon to be released off-road 36" tire and ride MUni on it. Get it with 165/137mm dual hole cranks. The 165 hole being the longest you can get for MUni and the 137 hole is a delight to spin smaller circles when riding on the road.

Or, get a KH36 fixed (for now) so you will have the option of adding a Schlumpf hub later. As tholub said a geared hub sounds great but using one is difficult to say the least. I’m not sorry I got one because riding on the road is boring so it is nice to have 2nd gear for a challenge. It does not make me all that much faster (20 mph is my top speed to date and I don’t plan on reaching or exceeding that any time soon) but it is definitely not boring.

Once you get bored with riding on the road, you will most likely end up getting a KH29 for MUni. Of course this all depends on your age, location, etc… You might want to look into adding all of this info under your avatar or signature as we can give much better advice when we know who we are dealing with. Good luck!

Well I’m going to get a kris holm 29 for muni and commuting first but I gues I’m planning far out. I would like to invest in one that I solely use for communting and road. This is why I posted the previous three options. Currently I am very new to unicycling in general. Just started learning a little over a month and a half ago. I have a simple entry level 24 incher uni. I don’t even know what the brand is. It doesn’t say. I guess I must ask. What is faster a 36er or the 29 with the schlumpf?

I’ve just started this thread-


“The ‘schlumpf’ experience- to a non user”

as I’m interested in understanding why the geared hubs are tricky- you may want to have a look.