I'm Pis@#$ off

can you believe it, i went to pick up the unicycle cranks that i’ve been waiting
for for a month and they are to long and heavy as he$#. I told the idiot what
the size and everything was and they still managed to screw it up, figues. its
supposed to be 83 degrees tomorrow and i was going to ride all day, but it looks
like i’m just going to be riding that boring 2 wheeler again. i’ve been riding
wheely’s on my moutain bike so i don’t miss my unicycle that much but its still
a bummer. sorry i had to get that out, i am going to have to order off line
somewhere for the cranks i need, but i don’t have a credit card and i just
opened a credit union account so its going to take a while for them to process
the account. does anyone know where you can buy unicycle cranks online with just
a bank account?

        Thanks, Blaine >:-(