Im not on here much, video coming..

hey whats up. i dont really post that often anymore, and im sure not very many people remember me if any. but i am editing a bunch of footage from the summer together and should have it finished and up pretty soon. my style is kinda different, so it should be interesting.
anyways, here is just a shot from the park over the summer. fun little ledge to mess around on, its my ledge i learn everything on before takin it to the streets (oh btw, you gotta know i did a 360 out right after this pic was snapped. haha)

i like your pants.

I don’t. Too tight dood, you look like a punk:)

Nice pic, I look forward to the vid.


Haha I didn’t think tight pants make you look like a punk. If anything it makes you look like you go through your little sisters clothes.

Sex confused individuals:p

What next? A dress?

Wow, this thread moved off topic fast…

Nic pic! Hope to see your video soon!

i agree even from the pic it looks like youve got a very unique style (like me) look forward to seeing your video

but they are brown, so they are sweet.
I remember you man, didn’t you almost get your uni stolen or somthing?
Looking forward to your video man!