I'm not motivated anymore...yucky!

Nevermind that it’s winter–
I used to ride all the time two summers ago, but I just havn’t had the motivation to go ride much. So I’m in a speech class, and I was going to give a demonstration last Friday, but that morning I just grabbed some juggling stuff and talked about that instead.

I just figured I’d complain a little bit–talk to you guys–and maybe encourage myself to get out there tomorrow. I really need to watch some more Muni videos…Someone talk some sense into me!

(I’ve actually been practicing headspins lately, very fun, youtube it!)

The way i see it is that you’re just in 1 of those moods of where nothing really matters. So i say that when you feel like doing nothing, say to yourself
“This is not me and i must conquer and believe that i can set my mind to do the best i can do, no matter what”

I hoped this helped somewhat NewKid. :smiley:

Your good and helpful friend.

There is nothing wrong with taking a break, just make sure you replace it with something, Maybe work on your juggling skills more or pick up something like slack-lining. I was out with a bad knee and got sort of depressed because I could not uni, snowshoe, ski, run or bike; all things I liked to do if I was getting frustrated or stressed. I ended up buying a guitar at the pawn shop and started to learn that.

Headspins look like a good way to get a bald spot but if you are young it will grow back:p

I felt that way once. Then my friend learned and now I have some to ride with which is a lot more fun.

Go Illinois unicyclists!!!

You can’t be fully motivated all the time. Sometimes you have to ride on dicipline in stead of motivation. And sometimes you just need a break.
So can you determe what is the cause of you’re lack of motivation?
Is the learning process to your aimed level taking longer than you hoped for? Do you suffer lack of usuage of your patience? Or are you simply impatient (or were too excited at start?). Or did you suffer too many painful moments in a row? Are other negative external mental factors going on?

One thing I’ve certainly learned in unicycling is how to reach your goals by believing in yourself. But things go step by step. After many steps you’ve reached a level you’ve never believed.

saskatchewanian, you read my mind!
We actually have a guitar layin around that no one ever uses, and for the past week or so I’ve been toying around with it.

And leo, I wasn’t planning on analyzing it like that, but you have a pretty good point. I think it’s just because I’m lazy–
But I also live in suburbia, where the only trials stuff within 9 miles is the local playground. And 9 miles away there’s just another playground.

I’ll be sure to give it another shot today. How much can the snow slow me down anyways?

to get motivated set a attainable goal of a trick you would like to learn and then do it. You can do it! THEN brag about it to us!

That would fit under “other negative external factors”.

Anyway, if you say the main cause is being lazy, I’d day: go out and just “waste” your time being lazy but with your unicycle, and have fun!

Playing a tune by plucking strings on a wooden base?

Surely sir, that is impossible!



I have also experienced lack of motivation.

I’m still fairly new at unicycling. What is working for me is keeping a log book. Each time I go out and practice, I keep track of the date, time and success at the skill I’m practicing.

I bought a mechanical clicker to log each successful free mount, the skill I’m currently working on. I try to get in at least a 30 minute session. This keeps a tangible record of what I’m doing, instead of letting it get lost in the white noise of my mind. At the end of my session I can see the results of my practice: sometimes it’s just that I practiced for half an hour, other times I can see that I got like 17 good free mounts. Over time, I can see a tangible improvement in my skill, instead of hearing my mind say: you still can’t fee mount 100% of the time…I’ve even graphed some of my data.