I'm not gonna be able to make it to NAUCC

:frowning: Hey everybody. My parents just informed me last night that i can’t go to Naucc this year. I am greatly dissapointed and I’m sorry for all the people that i told i was going. My mom recently had a bike wreck and broke her hand, so she’s out of work for six weeks so we can’t afford it. Shaun, I already love you bro. It sucks that we can’t ride together this year.

Ah man, what a dissapointment! I was really looking forward to riding with you again man! I hope this somehow changes, I spent a day thinking I won’t be able to go, and then things changed and I’m now going. I hope the same happens to you, it would be a shame otherwise.

Add me to this list now also, its not looking like I’ll be making it either. :frowning: