im moving to Arizona

Hey everybody, In about 1 month I will be moving to Prescot, Arizona, Is there anybody in that area who could ride with me? I really dont want to move there but Im not 18 and my parrents are making me go. :frowning: I really dont want to quit unicycling but I’m afraid If I move there I probly will loose intrest do to not ever riding with anybody els. anyway If you live in that area or somewere around there send me an email.,
You can also chat with me on aim or msn. Kaorizack is my aim sn, is my msn.

thanks, Zack

there’s a unicycle club in Arizona called Arizuni, donno where it’s based, but you might check that out.
and there’s one kid, Zach Jucha, who used to post here…he lives on Arizona someplace, and he’s pretty good I think.

thanks SO MUCH for the info! I will try to contact somone from that club!

thanks, zack

Lol, if theres noone that allready rides, make some off them ride!! Create a unicycling army!

I know that a couple of peopel have posted on here about being from Flagstaff and Prescott. I lived there from 3-5 grades and loved it. It’s not California, but it is a great place to live.

Check this thread.

You’re not going to be far from Sedona.

thanks alot! does anyone have zach jucha’s email? I have his sn for aim but he never signs on.

thanks, zack

Re: im moving to Arizona

Prescot is really nice. Check out these

The web site for a club in Arizona is They seem to be from Scottsdale.

LOTS of great places to ride. Hope you like trails and trails riding.You might even get to meet some friends.
Make your own luck

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awsome Im glad I made this thread!

thanks, Zack

I just noticed in a post by Aspen Mike that his nephew Kai lives in Flagstaff. He is apparently a pretty intense rider. Here is a link to the post. Kai

I’m sure if you PM Mike he will be able to help you get in touch.

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