I'm looking for a pic (uni rider+CN tower)

Hey everyone, perhaps Ryan, Jeff, or Carl might know what I am talking about…
I’m looking for a pic that I have seen online, it’s a person, i think they are doing trials, but I’m not sure, anyway, they are under the CN tower, and the camera is shot up at the rider, making the rider kind of a sillouette with the big round part of the CN tower behind (well, above) him.

anyone know the pic I speak of?


thats the only one I can think of.

that’s a neat pic, but not the one i’m after. thanks though. in this pic, the rider is very near the base of the tower, maybe within 75meters of the base

http://www.thedan.com/toque.htm there is one of me. but its probably not the one your looking for. but maybe some people will go to my website becuase I gave a link. so there.

That’s not it, Dan, but man, check out that website!

There are four possible pictures with riders and the CN Tower on my webshots site. At http://community.webshots.com/album/40619483xBBuOx/1 Nick Mandrapilias is the rider, at http://community.webshots.com/album/40619483xBBuOx it’s Ian Cox, and at http://community.webshots.com/album/34511696oaemWJ/1 there’s one with me.

What are you using the photo for?


Perhaps this one …

Carl and Jeff, thanks, those are the ones I was looking for.