im gonna land

a 180 unispin today, i feel like its ment to be, i have no homework and i got fired from work and my mom and is gonna be at work till like 7 or 8 and my sister wont bother me, i just have a feeling

im geting ready to watch a tutorial on it,

ill let u guys know how it goes :smiley:

good luck lol, i had that feeling before but it didnt work. and i still cannot unispin:(

haha, yeah, same thing for me. I feel like theres a right time and place for it, then i just chicken out while trying to land on the pedals lol

yeah, i was ready to do it but the landing on the pedals put me off, but the thought of ending up in pain doesnt really sound that good, so the magical feeling just dies :frowning:

My “tufted” coker saddle!

I’ve been wanting to try something like this and it’s really just my first attempt. That “channel” groove in the center og the fusion freeride is almost useless since the cover stretches tightly over it when you are on it. Previously, I just cut the cover in the middle to expose the channel on my MUni, and it worked well.

So this time I took a piece of thin flexible plastic, and secured it down the center, forcing the channel to stay fully open. You’ll notice the screws going trhough it to hold it down, but they are deep enough that the will not come in contact with…well, you know lol!

I believe the main reason why your “bits” get numb after really long distances in the saddle, is because of urethral pressure, cutting off blood flow, and the open channel should give substantial relief in this area, greatly reducing the onset of numbess.





Good Luck! I hate when I get that feeling and then I come back after an hour and I am all dissapointed in myself. I still can’t land them after hours and hours of practice. Don’t waste your time watching tutorials if you’ve watched them before, it shows you how to do it no how to land it.

I thinked you’ve inspired me right now to go try to get them today. Hey anybody in this thread that can’t land them, lets make a race to see who can land them first.

I’ve gotten over the fear of shinning myself its just no matter what I do I can’t my feet back on the pedals.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I landed my first while just practicing over and over and over while watching TV in my basement. A few weeks later and then I could land them 7/10 tries.

I just went out and practiced for about 20 minutes. I got so close, I was hitting the pedals with both feet 50% of the time. But I would always get one foot on and the other foot would flick the pedal with the tip of my shoe.

I figured out its easier if you try to land like a 130 unispin instead of 180, and then once you learn the basics of the unispin then you can move to learning 180 unispins.

I’m like you and when out and tried it one day and…Eureka! I got it!

Few tips though…

Don’t do it on grass, you won’t do it. Guarenteed. Do it on pavement.
Just go for it. Put on equipment, but be prepared for pain.

I got mine a few days ago… no pain envolved… untill i did it 10 more times… my shin has a bunch of red dots on it… but now my uni is broken :frowning: <—watch that it helped a lot!

Yeah, you just gotta go for it… I got it over February vacation and went outside for a couple hours and didn’ go in until I landed it. Shin guards really help. One thing that helped me was making sure that I wasn’t doing a180 dismount. That is, making sure I snapped my feet back in. Ifound that it helped to concentrate onjumping high, not snapping my legs out.

alrite so i didnt get it :frowning: , i tried for like an hour then i got a call from my uncle and he needed help so i pretty muched helped him for a while, when i got home it was already dark, but im gonna try more tomoorow

no my tutorial is better.