I'm finished riding for a long long time

15th December I had my last ride for a long time before heading for surgery same day to reattached some tendons to my shoulder.

I have been riding for a couple of months in a sling but now, post op, I am off the uni for, I’d guess, anything from 3 to 6 months.

Which is really tough for me as I ride daily, managing just short of 5,100km for 2001 despite the injury.

Better luck to the rest of you, have a great festive season and have a ride or two for me.

(And I certainly will not be looking to increase my wheel size (24") or add gearing as any falls other than a UPD to my feet will be a big no no until this time next year. Who needs gears and big wheels when you have time anyway!)

Colin, I wish you a speedy recovery and hopefully you will be wheeling it in 3 months or less. I feel your pain.

Bad luck Colin but I hope the surgery goes without a hitch and you’re back in the saddle before you know it. I had shoulder surgery recently ( a sub-acromal decompression amongst other things) and was back in the saddle within a month. :smiley:

I feel your ‘pain’. I’m at just about 9 months with almost no riding trying to get my knees healthy enough to ride again. It was really hard the first few months since riding everyday was what I looked forward to everyday.

Good luck, and wishes for a speedy recovery.

I wish - Your conidition would have been what is often termed “impingement syndrone” which is very real and debilitating but these days readily fixed. I’ve had two acromioplastys done, one just incidental while the major stuff was going on, a follow up a few years later.

But I’m afraid that tendon on bone is a beast that can’t be rushed.

btw, the acromio’s worked really well, and I could work overhead again as a result. More people should have it done.

The commutes just will not be the same …

I’m really sorry about that. Maybe you can try dreaming about riding - that feels pretty real to me. :stuck_out_tongue: And honestly, I doubt you’ll be able to help doing it…get well soon.

Heal well!

I hope you will be back up to riding after a few months. Don’t rush the rehabilitation.


I couldnt ride for 9 months or so after I broke my leg, I feel your pain :frowning: hope you heal quick!

That sucks! I hope I wont have to get my tendon repaired too, I’m waiting for a call from the doctor right now:(

A few years back, and after I had work done on my right shoulder, scans indicated a decent tear in the left one - I recall it was described as full thickness (I may be wrong tho) but over a shorter distance. They elected to leave me to rest it and a year later it was fine. Surgery would have had me no better in that same time. It stil has never had any surgery though I do still have some limitations, but then I also demand a lot more of my body and connective tissue than most.

If they do not firmly favour surgery and you go with waiting, it can be the right option, though I did rely on my surgeon who I trust and who is not averse to referring me to others such as physio and sports medics who do cortisone. (His beemer must be paid off!) Just something to keep in mind.

When I had to get my shoulder ligaments rebuilt I had really vivid (possibly drug induced) dreams of riding. It sucked because I could not use my dreams for inspiration and go ride.

I was out for 4 months, doc said 6-8 but it healed really well. I hope yours does the same.

I’m feeling great at this moment.

I saw my physio and then my surgeon yesterday and they have freed me up for a lot more movement and use of the shoulder. Allowed to walk around with my arm swinging normally and as far as it wants to go. Given the ok to lift things, and rotate the humerus as far as it wants to go.

I still need to avoid sudden movements including much that makes juggling worthwhile. I’ll probably use the sling for a while on the unicycle when I get back to it - to keep reflex movements under control if I lurch off, things like that. And I won’t be on stilts any time soon as a fall, though they are rare, would not be good. It’s not the worth the risk atm.

It’s all come together far quicker than the lst time. Apparently you heal better as you age?!?!?!?! :thinking:

The down side is that I go back to work in a couple of weeks.

Hope you feel better soon and go unicycle sooooon! Tell doctor that you want unicyle so badly and its only one wheel! Chicago have lot and lot of snow … I have to wait for awhile!

for me. i’ll be going on a mission for my church and won’t be able to ride for 2 years… i just hope i dont forget how to do all my tricks.

but get healing soon man! that really sucks

HP, my son-in-law went on a mission and did all his uni tricks when he returned home. He didn’t miss a beat.

Colinoldncranky, I guess I should stop whining about how long it takes me to recover after a hard, hilly ride (my favorite). I’m bugged that I have to rest every third day or so because I don’t recover like I did when I was younger. This old age stuff sucks. Good luck with your recovery. I wish you many more miles of one-wheeled fun.

Best wishes with the recovery Colin. Hey, they tell me summer in Australia is a good place to heal :slight_smile: Do it well…

hey thanks for the tip! i was really worried that i was the only unicyclist who feared losing his skill from a two year hiatus. good to see others continue their passion without losing it! thanks!

“Who needs gears and big wheels when you have time anyway!”

Dude thats the most chilled thing I’ve heard in my whole life haha, nice.
Heal fast!

Went for my first ride into the city since the surgery and it was like I had not had any time off. Cruised around my usual haunts and thru the lunchtime pedestrian-filled malls, the slopes, the bus lines, the cobble stones. It was like I had never had the time off. Even the temperature (around 35C or 95 Fareheit) did not phase me.

Like riding a bike, if you do enough you don’t lose it. It was very satisfying and I now weigh less than I did when I woke up.

It’s all good!