im buying a uni part by part need help!

i need help! i want to buy a uni part by part and i will calculate the weight. im tired to ride my other one. I alreadyhave my seatpost (kris holm) I wan to do trial and frestyle with it and i will keep the old one for the off road. please help me to find the best parts if you know some

                            fred (one of the royhall brother


Kris Holm Saddle 39

QU-AX trials hub and cranks 125

Snafu pedals 28

Marwi 14 guage spokes 19.02

Alex DX32 Rim 41

Nimbus II Frame 42

Kris Hom Seat Post 18

Kovachi 40 mm Sealed Bearings 6

Maxxix Creepy Crawler 30

Primo Viking Seatpost Clamp 12


also there is a thread in uni product reviews that goes over thsi very subject…you should check that out too.