Im building things to unicycle on

Ok guys, i need some help on making some obstacles(sp?) Sawndwich boards, skinnies, you know… the usual

i need some designs and measurments, please. thank you all guys. when im finishes ill be sure to take some pictures and see how the turned out .

thank you guys.
ps. all ideas apreciated

My gallery has a couple of decent obstacles in it. Look at the trials videos, not just the pictures. I reccomend making everything modular. Look at the CMW 05 site ofr more ideas.

I think cutsheets are useful, but pointless on unicycle obstacles. You’re building disposable wood structures, not bridges. Just look at the obstacle and adapt your own, working as you see fit.

Andrew Carter and unicycles.2ya have some good obstacles, as well. The search button has even more.

Ok thanks. That should help.
Anyone else??

I could take some pictures and give you the measurements i used to make my pallets if you would like.

You could just collect some of the extra wood (2"x4"s, 4"x4"s, pallets, plywood, other useful-looking junk) from construction sites and nail it together to make skinnies, inclines, steps, ramps, or whatever else you think would make a decent trials obstacle.

You can go behind most plazas/malls/stores and find a bunch of pallets - the only problem is, sometimes the stores have to pay a deposit for the pallets, so you should probably ask them first.

Re: Im building things to unicycle on

On Wed, 30 Nov 2005 18:58:22 -0600, manon1wheel wrote:

>i need some designs and measurments,

(designs yes, measurements no)

Andrew Carter and Peter van Boekhout have more designs on , but their site is currently down.

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As well as all the ones already suggested, I suggest you have a go at designing some yourself…it’s half the fun! :slight_smile: Hopefully will be up and running again soon.

Good luck,

I’m pretty sure Andrew means

Indeed I do, sorry.

i have a bunch of pallets, some 2x4s, a coupel spools and a junk car laying around in what i think is a semi-difficult configuration. nothing’s nailed together and everything can be rearranged in a matter of minutes. just get as many materials as you can, and put stuff together, don’t worry too much about measurements and what not.

I bought some 8’ lawn timbers from Home Depot and a couple of 2x4s. The lawn timbers are about $3.50 each. I cut the 2x4 into 18" strips to use for braces - one on each end. (I already had some deck screws.) The braces raise the lawn timbers off the ground a couple of inches, and provide some much needed stability. I can move them around the driveway and yard in any configuration. I have eight 8’ lengths, so it’s pretty flexible.

Sounds like a very fun project! Put pics up when you’re done.

I’ve got a whole lot of stuff that I’ll take pictures of and show ya later on…

what’s going with its forzen… ?

thx forest unifreak. everyone i apreciate what you are doing for me, thank you all! any more ideas?

Sorry, it’ll have to wait untill tomorrow or maybe later, we’re in the middle of a snowstorm…

Here’s a good thread on obstacle stuff:

It went over the limit for bandwidth or transfers or whatever it was. It will hopefully be restored on the 8th.


The Ottawa Unicycle Invasion gallery has some pretty cool homemade trials stuff:

awsome, thanks everyone

any more? forrest uni freak can you take pics of all your junk? i hope your not iin another snow storm.