Im a Unicycler!

Well thanks to p1choco I got a 06 trials dx in very nice condition. I decided against posting a journal of my progress since theres a few floating around already. I just post small bits of my progress when I hit new miletsones. For now im about 5 days in and can make it about 20-30 feet, hopefully farther but im so worn out haha.

Thanks for the great community. im glad I can make more posts now than just stuff about the game.



Thanks, wasnt sure if I didnt post in the right section or what.

Good to know that the game makers are also unicycling :smiley:
Now learn tricks to add to the game:)


Haha my best trick is staying on the thing for a few seconds.

But yeah this will help in the development of the game.

Congrats on learning to ride; you just started down a long and bountiful road. No looking back now.

I just finished checking out your forums about this game and have to say that I’m really looking forward to its release. I’d missed prior discussion about it, but just caught up. It looks like you’re well on your way. Please, don’t leave out MUni! Different types of unicycles as well, from 20" to Coker would be much appreciated. That’s a lot of the fun in these types of games. Just some suggestions.

Sweet, congrats

PS. i just lost the game

Although I cannot predict the future, I think that by making this game you are doing something huge for unicycling, something much larger for the sport than a lot of us will ever dream of doing.

And you’ve just started to learn to ride.

Keep it up mrSparkle. :smiley:

(of course I cannot leave out Brian O. as well:))

that’s cool, when do you think you’ll become a unicyclist? :wink:


one more of us and one less of them!

Thanks for the replies, I got a little over a 100 feet a few times today so im getting there. I also got my roomate interested in riding, its very addicting.


mazel tov!!!

Thats right, if it werent for me you wouldn’t even be riding mrSparkle and there would be no ProjectUNI :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t worry, I’ve got that part covered for the project. :slight_smile:

At first it is going to start a street uni game but we hope to expand it to muni and the other disciplines. Maybe if we get multiplayer in there will be an online racing mode or something nifty like that.

and Dave(mrSparkle), its unicyclist, not unicycler.

Yeah yeah way to ruin my thread, jerk :frowning:

Ahahahaha. :smiley:

Get back out there and keep practicing.

yes weve caught another one!
One less person for world control/domination. :sunglasses: :smiley:

Since I was worn out today I didnt get much distance but I did work on freemounting and managed to do it quite a few times.