If you could master one skill... what would it be?

Unicycling has a high learning curve and so does every other trick we go on to learn afterwards. But if you could wave a magic wand and instantly master one skill, what would it be and why?

Flying. Because…it would be flying.

(Hey, you’re the one who’s passing out magic wands.)

Hopping trials style. Then you could ride anything. Flying yeah, but don’t want to make things too easy.

if you are talking just uni skills, riding backwards, if not, I agree with Harper, flying. :slight_smile:

Flying sounds good too.
And riding backward fluently.

First flying, then idle on my uni.

Forward jumping

This skill has been pretty elusive up until now. I am starting to make some progress. I have gotten to the point where, half the time, I can ride straight at a curb and clear it. However, I only practice on curbs with grass on the other side, so when I fall, it’s on the grass.

My method of forward jumping is SIF with both hands on the seat. I crouch down prior to the jump (which I wouldn’t be able to do SI), then spring up as I jump. My timing is awful, resulting in many aborted attempts, but practice makes progress.

Now to answer WHY forward jumping.

  • Forward jumping gives more continuity to riding than stopping and side hopping.
  • It’s a great skill for MUni riding.
  • It’s the closest thing to FLYING that I can think of on the unicycle.

I’m STILL struggling with hopping on the spot (both in MUni and 36er road riding). So I’d choose that.

Hopping/jumping for MUni and getting up curbs sounds great too, so I suppose I’d just say generally jumping to encompass both of these :smiley:

Making people get along. That’s the superpower I’d like, anyway. As far as unicycleing - the standstill. I think if I had that nailed, everything else would fall in place.

I think I might get the superpower first.


Being able to calmly ride down the stairs would be fun.

Every tutorial says to pull up on the seat, but the fearless dude in this video doesn’t bother. His cranks look a little longer than my 110s, maybe 138, but my uni is much beefier, so I really have no excuse.

I ride down ramp-steps all the time, landing on both flat ramp and sloped ramp, and can easily work my way up or down a whole flight of stairs side-hopping one at a time, SI or SIF, but haven’t quite had the nerve yet to just plow straight down a normal 45-degree staircase. Any final pointers, pep talks, words of caution?

For learning to ride down stairs I have a method for you…

  1. check to make sure helmet is firmly strapped on.
  2. back up about 20 feet and ride nonchallantly towards stairs.
  3. think happy thoughts.
  4. YOLO go go go!
  5. Fall on face.
  6. Repeat until step 7.
  7. Ride down stairs without falling on face.

Oh and it also helps if you start on a small 2 or 3 step and work your way up to bigger staircases.

I think the skill that I would want is the stand up wheel walk. It looks so cool but seems so impossible… :smiley:

Now that’s crazy talk!

I’ll go with flying too.

LOL! Alright. I would actually think that other safety gear would be more important than a helmet for this particular stunt. Maybe some tailbone armor? I have actually already been riding down sets of two steps without any major mishaps (or safety gear, but I know that’s stupid of me) and have scoured my neighborhood for a set of three steps, but haven’t found one that is in a location where I could access it in peace. That’s part of why I posted here- it’s clear that the next thing I’ll have to try is four steps, or five if I want to stay nearby.

Standup wheel walking seems a lot more ambitious. If I were thinking on that scale, I would want to learn to coast so I could travel fast downhill. Coasting and wheel walking are closely related, but no two uni skills are ever as closely related as they seem once you actually try to learn them.

Fearlessness. That way I would try anything and hopefully land most of it. :roll_eyes:

Check out this video where swiss rider Sevane coasts standing up (!!!) down the streets of Geneva… :astonished:

That’s pretty close to flying actually.

Next time I need new pedals, I’ll give that guy a call- he’s not using his!

Wow amazing video. New goal: learn french so I can ask him to teach me please. I can coast normally but stand up coasting?!? I didn’t even know that was a thing. :astonished:

Now think again, and look at another Swiss rider, Julien; who took standing coasting a level up.
That’s the skill that came to my mind at the OP’s Q.

Julien’s trick is incredible but wouldn’t be practical for traveling around, as you wouldn’t be able to control your speed, or even sit back down to start pedaling again (I assume).

People usually only coast (glide?) on a 20" or 24" because on larger wheels, the tire is much closer to your body, or so I’ve heard, but maybe stand-up coasting would be equally possible on a larger wheel. Of course, for me all these tricks are, at best, in the extremely distant future.

Nor it’s ideal to move 768 Gallon of milk in once.
You’re adding your own desires, I was just answering the OP.