When idling, should your weight be dispersed the same as when you’re riding? or should you put more weight on the wheels? Also how long did it take you to learn to idle?

also, what should i learn first riding backwards, or idleing?

The weight is always on the wheel. If you have “wheels” then you’re cheating.

Seriously, though: keep your weight on the saddle, and concentrate on the bottom foot.

Use the search function in this forum to find loads of advice about how to learn to idle.

Idling and riding backwards are skills that it is natural to learn more or less at the same time as they are very similar.

Try this thread:

another question, how do you count idles? what movement counts as one?

Whichever way suits you. The aim is to get so good that you don’t have to count.

When I was learning, I counted each pedal stroke as one. It’s only a bit of psychology to encourage yourself, so do whatever comes naturally.

Idling isn’t a “trick”, it’s a useful skill in all disciplines from MUni to road riding to freestyle to trials to entertainment and clowning