Idle wear

I know that idling wears out your tyre really quickly. My Luna only lasted 10 months, I hope to get a Monty on Monday take it for a ride on Tuesday we will be doing trials by Wednesday and on Thursday and Friday (thank you Craig for that line).Why does idling wear out your tyre so much?
When I get my Monty I plan to do little idling.

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If you’re working hard to correct your balance whilst idling, the tyre is being twisted and ground down continually on the same spot, hence the uneven wear on the rubber. You can reduce the tyre wear by getting better at it (i.e. less twisting and squirming around) and by choosing a smoother surface to ride on (e.g. wooden floors).

Do not learn to idle on rough tarmac. You can actually hear your tyre being worn away.

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>.Why does idling wear out your tyre so

Because you twist with every “pendulum swing” and because all the time
the same spot on the tyre is on the ground when the twist occurs. A
remedy (to the latter) would be to rotate the tyre over the rim every
once in a while to spread the wear out. Alternatively, learn to idle
with your other foot down, so as to spread the wear over two spots. Or
learn to idle more in a straight line. Or idle on a less aggressive
surface, like dirt or grass.

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I’ve noticed that I can idle a lot longer with my right foot, but it causes twisting a lot too. I just can’t idle straight with right foot down. With left foot down, I can’t idle for long, but my idling is mostly straight.
You might not want to use a Gazza or Monty or other similar more expensive tire if your learning to idle.

I go totally against Joona I think a cheepo tyre is best a gazz would get eaten as much as any tyre and costs much more to replace when I started idling and became kind of in love with any thing idling mounts to idle 1ft ect which means I can do it really well but I have no tyre left. I thought tyre wear was a thing that happen to the other guy but I now find my self getting a Monty tomorrow fingers crossed.

I agree with you thinuniking. If you look closely you can see that word ‘not’ in the sentence. Sorry, it was my fault.

sorry i read it quickly and missed the not