Ideas for a good unicycle

Hey there everybody! I just started here and am really surprised about how many unicyclers there are, where I live, I haven’t seen one other unicycler around, so knowing there’s actually a big community is pretty surprising! Lately, I’ve realized I desperately need a new unicycle. The only one I have has a really hard seat and 5 plastic spokes. I have had it for about 3-4 years, and it’s worked pretty well for me, granted, there would be no way I could try trials or Muni on it or anything, it’d prolly snap right in half. But then to add to everything, there’s some sort of crank shaft problem going on with it right now where sometimes the wheel won’t move even when I’m pedaling. So, I’m trying to find a really good unicycle for doing trials and possibly Muni. I looked around at and such, but there are so many to choose from that I kinda got lost. I figure that I want a unicycle that will work for me for years to come, and I figure I can spend up to 550-600 dollars on one if it would assure me of good performance for a long time. Thanks for any help you can give!

get A Kris Holm trials, that should have good performance

What type of riding are you planning on doing

I think he’s planning on doing some trials and possibly Muni, but I may be a little off :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree, if you’re up for spending $500-$600, then the KH20 or KH24 is definately the way to go…at least, that’s the way I would go if I had $600 to spend on a new uni.

I hear that the (splined) Qu-Ax (don’t ask me how to pronounce it, I can only spell it…koo-ah? cue-aux? koo axe?) is also a very doo uni, and within your price range.

A few things to remember:

  • Smaller wheels are more maneuverable, and IMHO, better for trials.
  • Larger wheels cover more distance and would be better for Muni.
  • Fatter tires are better at absorbing shock from dropping than skinnier tires.
  • Fatter tires can be compressed and used to achieve a ‘spring’ effect (i.e. jump higher, like a doublebounce on a trampoline)
  • Splined hubs/cranks > Square-tapered hubs/cranks, and considerably more expensive (but still within your price range)
  • KH & Miyata seats > most stock seats
  • Miyata & Viscount = better for seat-out-front

If I’m forgetting anything, or am wrong about anything, someone please correct me.

Welcome to the community,
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EDIT: At the beginning of my post I assumed that you were a guy. I shouldn’t have done that, as there are a few girls on here who unicycle. So, what are you?

PS: I’m a real boy! </pinocchio> (I just googled pinocchio, and holy crap, it was made 45 years ago!)

Hmm, so if I were to do mostly trials, I guess I should stick to getting the KH20 with some kind of fat tire. Would the default tire for the KH20 be fat enough to provide a lot of spring or should I get a fatter one? And what is the difference between splined hubs/cranks and square tapered ones? And ya, I’m a guy, although, at a distance, around a mile or two, I could probably pass off as a girl, but I’ve never tested that out. Thank you for answering my most likely noobish questions about all this stuff!

Is this the KH20 unicycle you are talking about?

Yeah, the KH20 has a huge tire on it already. It’s a great stock trials unicycle, especially if you have $500. Check it out.

The KH20 also has one of the strongest hubs on the market. To learn more about splined vs tapered hubs, look here.

And in addition to that, I think the latest KH hub is actually better than the profile setup from what I’m reading here. cheaper too! :smiley: