idea for air seat

i was thinking about rapping my seat in bubble wrap before a ride on my sun, because the seat is horrible. Has anyone tried this yet? i know it would pop after a while but im gonna try this out.

i read about someone doing this befor but i dont rememer where…

I think James (potter) did it once, he said it was comfortable but only for a while till the wrap ran out.


P.S it doesnt seem like that bad of an idea because if they popped you could bring some more on long trip…

Sounds like a good idea. I’ve been using an innertube wrapped around the seat on my Sun, the trick is to hold it together under the seat with tie wire.

Anyhow, let us know how your bubble wrap works out.

I’m definitely looking to get a more comfortable seat.

i remember seein someone having a picture of it…im almost positive its in the thread called something like, “homeade upgrades to your uni”…

I take that back it wasnt in that thread, I just checked.

yeah james did it and he said it sucked your far better off using the innertube approach.

If you landed a big drop I bet all the bubbles will pop :sunglasses:

yeah but im not planning any trials on my sun 28er right now lol

and ill just ride with a backpack filled with a big roll of bubble wrap and like duck tape.

lol, im gonna go try that just for fun, but pretty soon im gonna do the inner tubes on my sun =p

Hmmm. Last year the tube in my old airseat failed twice in as many days, and I didn’t have any more small tubes and didn’t feel like patching, so I stuffed the entire thing with bubble wrap as an experiment. It was the kind with the small bubbles. I think the bubbles kind of deflated, rather than popped, as I rode. The bubble wrap would gradually lose volume until I had to add more, and as time went by the seat became more and more full of hard, flattened bubble wrap and less and less comfortable. It was OK as a stopgap but didn’t work very well for very long. I had one of those Sem Deluxe saddles with the rubber cover, easy to do stuff like that with, but hard to keep in place properly. I ride a Velo now.

I think that bubble wrap on the outside of the seat would fail pretty quickly.