I wish I had a trials uni :(

Hey guys, I live in California on the Pacific coast of the U.S. I am extremely obsessed with unicycling. I have a 20" Cyclepro freestyle (I think) unicycle. I have been learning to jump and stuff. I’m even wheel walking. I really want a trials/offroad/muni unicycle because of the beg bouncy wheel, and the square frame to rest my foot on when doing one-footed tricks. I don’t really care about the type of seat. I cant afford anything above or right below $200. Maybe in the $150 range. I have not fond such a cheap unicycle with the beg fat tire and square frame that can do trials, or mild off-roading. If you know of something/someone I can get one from for the range of price mentioned above, please let me know. Thanks.

                  Neshan, the lone unicyclist...

unfortunately, in that pricerange you aren’t going to find such a unicycle. Maybe you could ask the good people at VISA for some assistance?

Well if anyone wants to sell one or just give theirs away for free, you know who to talk to…:frowning:

There’s a 20" Qu-ax cross muni for mild trials and off-road at municycle.com for 169 euros (=209USD). If you’re visiting Germany someday, have a visit :wink: It hasn’t got the prefered splined cranks/hub, but a beefy tire. I don’t have the uni so can’t review it. I’m thinking about buying one though.


Nimbus has a pretty decent trials Uni. Should be great for a beginner doing Trials or Muni.


I wouldnt buy Qu-Ax cross muni, though their better muni is a lot more expensiver, I think its wort saving money for that, cause its so much better!

torker dx $149.00 ebay

How do you find these threads? It was started almost 2 years ago. I wonder what he got.


nimbuses dont have the splined hub though or ChroMo cranks but do try buying one then just replacing the hub and cranks
it will work!

Look for 2006 Torker DX’s on ebay.

Considering that this was posted almost three years ago, I’m sure he’s figured out what to purchase by now.

Maybe hes still thinking about what to get.

Whats with all of the recent old thread bumpings?

It´s beacuse the box under threads that shows other threads about the same subject

yh, and i wshed tht u wasnt pstng

HAH!!! This old thread!!!


this was over 5 years ago.

I still don’t have a trials or muni…but that’s okay.

I manage to do it all on my 24" torker beauty

im planning on getting a coker sometime soon though.
my hobby interests have shifted to venomous tarantulas and scorpions, along with some serious juggling over the past few years.

the Uni is still there, but in the background.

thanks for all the responses!!! LOL
i just did a search and found this OOOOLLLDDD thread!!!


How do you afford to live in Los Angeles? I guess you’re just scraping along?