I want to learn to ride a giraffe...

Hey, so I have been riding a 24 inch Torker unicycle for about 5 years. I want something new and exciting, and am looking at getting a giraffe. But here is my questions:

  1. How do I learn to free mount a giraffe, or is it even possible?
  2. How do I learn to safely ride a giraffe?
  3. How do I learn to safely fall off a giraffe and catch it so it will not hit the ground?

I don’t know ANY other unicyclists in my area cause I live in a small town, so I need some tips! Any tips on how to learn a giraffe would be appreciated!:slight_smile:

You buy one, and then go out and try it :wink: !

Wear a helmet and any pads that you feel are necessary - this will make you more confident.

You do not necessarily need to freemount the giraffe unless you are doing performances etc, so you can just climb up a ladder or use a lamp post to help you get on it.

It will feel slightly different to a normal unicycle, but you should be able to grasp it quickly if you are already a proficient unicyclist.

  1. It is possible, you can do the run on mount or step up mount. the step up mount, you step on the tyre, then the pedals and get onto the seat and ride away. With the run on mount you run with the giraffe and step up onto the pedals and ride away.

  2. Wear a helmet if you want to.(First time i got mine I wore 2 jumpers and 2 pairs of long pants and a helmet) It only took me 15 minutes to learn.

  3. It just came naturally to me. If you fall of forwards, try and grab the seat behind you if you accidentally fall off. once you can ride it normally, you safely dismount by simply taking your feet of the pedals and land with your feet, hold the seat.