I want to learn to do more stuff, can any one help?

hey, im getting pretty good at going up and down curbs, i can go down 4 stairs and i would like to learn how to do more than just that. Can any one help me learn more? please and thanx

Re: I want to learn to do more stuff, can any one help?

The best way to pick up new skills is to meet up with other riders and learn off them. See if you can track down any other riders in your area.

Failing that here are some good options:

  • get a book and read it. There are some good books you may be able to track down through your local library which offer excellent advice on how to learn new skills. Looks out for “Unicycling from beginner to expert” by Sebastian Hoher and “The complete book of unicycling” by Jack Wiley.

  • buy a unicycling DVD and watch it, get ideas and then try them out. Any trials / extreme unicycling DVD will give you plenty of ideas of things to try out. Universe 2 is a good film to view with a mind to getting inspired

  • surf the web and search the forums. There are plenty of sites out there with lots of good advice.
    For want you want Andrew Carter’s site is a good place to start:


thanx for replying. were could i get dvd’s and how much do they ussually cost? thanx

TWNR from http://www.lbmmultimedia.com/

Universe 2 http://www.unicycle.com/

Around $20.00

You can find several good unicycling DVDs and videos here

The best way to learn (obviously) is by practicing. (A muscle memory transplant would be even better, but it’s not possible yet, to my knowledge.) Getting tips from other riders is the best way to get advice, because they can often point out your mistakes and make you learn faster. For months I couldn’t side ride more than 2 cycles of the wheel, but then I went to a unicycle meet and met a guy named Jesse Berg who told me to hold my free leg higher. A week later I was often getting six or so cycles of the wheel. Your next best option is to post a video of what you’re doing here, so that we can see what you’re doing wrong and correct you. If you don’t have a video camera, post in as much detail as possible what you’re trying to do, and exactly what you need help with. Before posting though, search the forum archives, since most skills, especially the easier ones have been covered many times. Read as much as you can about how to do skills on various websites such as The Unicyclopedia and unicycle.2ya, and watch online videos such as those at http://unicyclist.org/.

Practicing is the most important.

What style of riding are you interested in?



im into freestyle unicycling

In that case you should definitely check out all the amazing freestyle videos at http://unicyclist.org