I wan't to learn German

Hi everyone! I live in Sweden and I wan’t to learn German! (At least some phrases)…
“Einrad” is unicycle, right? And “einrad-traum” is unicycle dream.
I know too more phrases (Probably not spelled correctly): “Gott im himmel” and “Der herbst komt mitt regen undt schtorm”.
I would really like to know how to say these things in German: “I unicycle”, “I’m crazy”, “My uniycle is broken”.
Thanks for any help! And, hwo knows, those phrases might come in handy one day!

  • Orange

“I unicycle” = Ich fahr Einrad
“I’m crazy” = Ich bin verrückt
“My uniycle is broken” = Mein Einrad ist kaputt

Thanks for the help! If I ever go to Germany I’m going to use those phrases…

Your avatar is… weird.
My first impression was, this is a condome o_O

 Oh...  :thinking:   Well, it's definitely not!  :) :)


say when you want to know other German words!

Many greetings from Hamburg,

I thought about this extremely useful phrase: "I broke my leg while unicycling." What is that in German?

I think there’s a chance that I’ll use that sometime!

Hello together,

In German that’s: “I habe mir mein Bein beim Einradfahren gebrochen.”
In my opinion it’s better if you don’t have the opportunity to say that… :roll_eyes:

Have a nice day,

Well, I don’t wan’t to break my leg, but it’s neat to know what it is in German anyways… And, it may be useful even though I hope it won’t. :smiley:

I was recently chatting with a german women an I learnt how to say “good-bye”. But now I’ve forgot it… :astonished:
So please will you tell me how you say it…

Hi Orange,

There are some ways to say “good bye”.
In Bavaria, its “Servus” or “Pfird di”.

But I think the best for you is “auf wiedersehen” or “Tschüss” or “Ciao/Tschau”.

Have fun,


Wir sagen Servus zur Begrüßung, und die Bayern verabschieden sich damit… Die sind ja bekloppt die Bayern sind die ja…

Moin :),

Hier in Bayern wird das doppelt verwendet.
Sowohl als Hallo als auch als “Tschau”, gilt das Servus.


I’ve said all the new stuff I know in German on various German chats now! When I say “Ich fahr einrad” or “mein einrad ist kaputt” they say something like “gröööööhl” or “shön fur dich”.

Actually, it would be fun to know what “gröhl” actually means. hmmm… :slight_smile:

…well - it actually means something like (to) bawl or (to) bellow - but it’s often used to express some kind of dirty laughter - as if they wanted to say: “hey guy, what do I care if YOU go unicycling…”

Hahaha! Allright… well, what do I care about THOSE idiots then… nah only joking! :smiley: :slight_smile: