i wanna get into muni.....

i wanted to get into muni riding and i need ideas for a sturdy but not to expensive unicycle. im 5’4" and like 160 maybe 180lbs so tell me what i need.

p.s. is there anypoint in buying a muni without a splined hub?

p.s.s. are udc prices in american currency only?

Qu-Ax muni. You won’t be disappointed.


Get splined, you’ll break anything else pretty quickly. Also I personaly recomend getting a KH, over a onza.

I disagree, I am NOT a “little” man by any means and I’ve been riding on a square taper axle/hub for over 2 years without a problem. If you’re not using it for trials, a square taper is quite capable of lasting a long time. Granted, splined hubs are stronger, but not everyone needs one :wink:

Re: i wanna get into muni…

Have you called Darren Bedford in Toronto? Unless there’s something you’re not telling us, there’s probably no reason not to deal with him for all you Unicycle needs.

That is reletivly true, but not for anyone that is, “serious” about muni, trials, or street. If you associate muni with trail ridding your probably right, but other wise i’d disagree.

Serious about Muni!! What is that supposed to mean? At what point does the unserious rider become a serious Muni rider? Do I have to spend a certain amount of $$ to be serious. Will more money spent make me a better rider? Maybe a serious rider beats up on his equipment, doesn’t learn how to land without destroying parts. Please explain as I really would like to become a “serious Muni rider” some day.

He obviously means one who rides a lot of M-uni miles and/or has a significant amount of vertical change.

For example, putting 4000 M-uni miles on square tapers ain’t a good idea. Moreover, doing 2-3+ foot drops, technical downhill, and/or hopping up 10,000 vertical feet (in a year) ain’t a good idea for non-splined either. To put in that amount of “play/effort” one must put in “serious” saddle time (regardless of their mental attitude).

You imply that you have an issue with “$.”
He didn’t mention COST, just design.
Since you brought it, up, M-uni IS an expensive sport (if one considers time, equipment and optional travel). I’d bet the best riders spend “serious” amounts of time, effort, and even $. I’m not just cited the riders that “go big” either.

I came from windsurfing to unicycling,muni mostly.As Mr Peck quite rightly says it is a very weather dependant sport.It is also quite expensive.What these sports taught me is that,within reason,you gets what you pays for.

I have two 24 uni’s.One (my first) is a cheapo raliegh at about £80,it has square tapers and a skinny street tyre.Although fine for learning on,when I took it off road I had doubts.The tyre would skip sideways off the smallest of stones and my first drops of about 5-8 inches were disasterous.I have an engineering background and this coupled with all the breakage posts I,ve read convinced me that it was only a matter of time before something broke.Filled with fear I found the most simple muni impossible.so…

I bought a kh,it gave me the same feeling that leg armour gives most people.Confidence.There is a lot to think about whilst muni,ing.Not thinking about breakages/shin scrapes can be a boon to some people.If you are one of these people get youre wallet out :slight_smile:

Ridingwise I did less than 80 miles on the raliegh I,ve done way more than 270 on the kh so the way I look at it the kh was cheaper.

As far as onza or kh goes,I dont think there is a lot in it.They are both really good.

All SERIOUS sport is about pushing yourself to your limits,the last thing you want is to be limited by you’re equipment.

Good luck with whatever you choose.

The trouble I have here is with the two words “serious” and “unicycling” in the same sentence - OXYMORON !

It’s a unicycle for goodness sake. Muni is fantastic FUN, but not serious - same way as 5ex is FUN, but when it becomes serious it loses some fun-factor and becomes a means towards an end, i.e. procreation, or travelling from A to B.

I go to work to be serious and grown-up about life, the rest of the time I have FUN. As soon as it stops being fun, then I’ll hang up the uni’s for the last time.

On the question of which muni to consider:

If doing big drops is your idea of fun, then you will need kit up to the task, probably splined. I have ridden many hundreds of miles on rough trail with limited drops on the same square-taper hub, even the same bearings, over the last 3-years with ne’er a problem, other than a crank occasionally coming loose. If for some reason I start to find leaping towards possible unicycle component or limb breakage, then I’ll invest in stronger kit.

Horses for courses - you don’t buy a racehorse to pull a cart or a shire horse to run the Grand National.

Above all - keep having FUN !:smiley:


Cutting to the core . . .

One cannot have “fun” once their equipment breaks and becomes unusable.

Therefore, we all agree.

Obviously one_man_one_wheel wants to avoid breakage.
Breakage is “no fun.”

//Currently without a splined unicycle.