i upd into a pool...irony stinks

i just got raining (i live in jax florida) so the ground was wet…my pedals are crappy so i couldnt uni on the grass or in my dirt road…i will slip strait off the pedals…i didnt feel like going like a mile 2 some great pavment so i noticed my concrete pool deck was dry so after 30 minits of my attempts 2 idle i decided i would take a breack from trying 2 idle so i began 2 unicycle around the pool it was a roll back mount gone horridly wront i came off the side of the uni and knew i was going 2 fall in so i tried 2 jump 2 the other side becouse i was relitivly close 2 the corner…i didnt make it i landed one pool wall on my already sprained wrist fell back into the water…

the irony is that i was unicycling on the pool deck becouse i didnt want 2 get my shoes wet … but i got soaked
lifes funny that way

sorry for the incredible mispellings and gramatical errors in that post…my arm i think is either broken or fractured so its hard 2 type

good thing there was water in the pool.

Go get your arm checked by a doctor, Sport.

my dad did that when he was a kid…he had only learned to ride a unicycle well enough to ride it around his pool, and then he fell in and chipped his tooth, and didn’t ride a unicycle ever again…

yea im getting it checked out saturday…i have school finals this week and my parents wont let me out of them …it was still a great experience…eventually i would have fell in any way if it be 2day or maybe 2morrow but it prolly would have happened regardless

I rode a unicycle into a pool once.

Where in Jax do you live? I have some friends in Atlantic Beach.

well ur lucky u NEED ur hands to just unicycle… but dude that is sooo funny… if u got it on video it would have been 10000000x better

I’d point and laugh, but being that it sounds like it really hurt, I’ll refrain. :slight_smile:

When we were kids, we used to ride our unicycles into the pool on purpose! A freind had a pool and one side had a raised deck area that dropped off about 3 feet into the pool. It was the closest thing to doing real tricks we knew of. Nothing was too daring when the worst that happened was a belly flop… well… not until we started trying to ride down the pool slide :smiley:

north jax …about maybe and hour or 2 from atlantic beach…do they unicycle…if they do that would be cool…i was under the impression that there wernt any unicyclist here

What would the difference be?
A Medicaid doctor’s diagnosis vs a Private doctor’s diagnosis?

Hope it gets better soon.


Practice: to, to, to, TO, TO, TO, TO, TO, TO, TO

didnt you hear?

“sorry for the incredible mispellings and gramatical errors in that post…my arm i think is either broken or fractured so its hard 2 type”-dorfman

any ways. that reminds me of the time my sister was on a toboggan and my bro pushed her down the hill into a tree and she had to get stiches. Well I don’t know why it reminded me of that, the two stories had nothing to do with each other :thinking: thats just the first thing i thought of when i read your post