I think it would go under here

Sorry if this has already been asked/discussed, but is there another coker handle aside from the T7 but similar in form?

I want a handle like that for my coker, but can’t afford one.

Any ideas?

I’ve read about people putting their bike handlebars on their 29er or cokers. So you could try that. :smiley:

Hoped this helped somewhat my friend. :smiley:

thanks, but im lookin for somethin more like the T7

ive seen something like it on a coker someone was sellin, it was similar, but didnt stick out as much, but i cant remember what it was called :frowning:

there have been various handles available, GB4 made a good one that had the two pronged look but bolted under the seat, these are no longer available. Scott Wallis makes the V-grip which has a single prong across the front of the saddle, unfortunately there’s a long waiting list on them.

People have made some nice handles out of various bits of inexpensive stuff. Sam W’s (RedWelly) coker handle is made from bits of wood and metal and bolted together. Steveyo made a nice one from various bike bits (quill stem, section of handlebar and a pair of bar ends). All this stuff can be found for much less than the price of a T7.