I think I got 4 more people hooked on unicycles

I believe I successfully recruited 4-5 new people to the unicycle world. I let a couple of people borrow the club 24 tha I learned on in January and they are now looking to buy one. I also sold my club to a guy I work with who also bought an 18" for his daughter to learn on. If they stick with it I will now have others to finally ride with!

Sweet! Good luck with that. I have yet to even see another unicyclist.

My buddy was VERY skeptical, but he did try to sit on my club. Afterwards he said, “That was actually really fun”. Aww yeah. The seed has been planted.

Good job! one day Unicycling wil take over the world :smiley:

I am yet to get anyone to get the unicycle bug around where I live…

I started unicycling 6 months ago but so far I have not met any other unicyclists. I am teaching my older sister, but it’s just us.

That was pretty much my situation too. I figured if I loaned out my uni someone might decide they liked it and buy their own. The funny thing is the guy who bought my club didn’t borrow it. He just heard me talking about riding it and I showed him a video of me riding.

Before I started unicycling, my “exercise” was playing kendama, the Japanese ball-in-cup skill toy. In Japan, to achieve the highest skill level, or Dan, you must not only perform hard tricks, you must also be involved in the promotion of kendama playing to others. This is what you’ve done with the unicycle. And you’ve brought joy into others’ lives. Good job!!!

I’ve even offered to buy unicycles for several people if they would try to learn to ride. No takers so far. :frowning:

(Trying to resist the urge to make a joke about getting strangers to “sit on my club”…)

Personally, I am waiting for someone to comment on the phallic nature of SIF riding; my response will be (while riding) to push the seat back in, pull it out the rear, then say “Now, what does it remind you of?”

I have tried, but I still cannot claim to have “started” anyone. My daughter mentioned to me that she might have time to learn unicycling this summer; I’m looking forward to that, though I’m concerned that I will probably act like an uptight parent during the whole process.

You can buy me a uni and I will try and learn some more!

Your wait is over:

:smiley: Wanna try a narrow “true 700c” road wheel? I’ve got a spare hub and some tires and I’ve thought about building up another wheel to send around. More people need to know how cool it is.

I clicked on this link and was surprised to see that it was to an old post of mine! Yeah, when I first started to learn SIF, I felt that it could somehow lead to some sort of terrible accident, so I gripped the seat as tightly as possible with both hands and never let the back of it separate from my pubic bone. The result was that, whenever I rode SIF, it looked like I was wearing a giant dildo with the word “Gel” stamped on one side.

Thanks for remembering that, it’s amusing to look back on now! I’ve still never had a fall from riding SIF. It’s not nearly as precarious as it seems, though a friend of mine did fall pretty hard while attempting a seat drag.

I’ve never gotten anyone else interested in unicycling who wasn’t already, except for a friend who bought a Torker that he never learned to ride. His dad, whom I’ve never met, apparently adopted it, though. He’s a truck driver and I’ve heard he sometimes even takes the Torker in his cab on long hauls and rides it around at truck stops.

Three other guys at work (so far) have taken up unicycling after seeing me ride around the parking lot at lunchtime. (I’m on the far right in the photo.)

Unicycle group, small.jpg