i see that OSS Unicycles webpage is up

OSS Unicycles

it doesnt look to me like thats a 3.0 tyre and i still dont understand how the V-brake cross cable can possibly clear a tyre that fat.more pictures please.

Jagur, did you read the specifications? The 24" has a 2.6" wide tire, and the 26" has a 3" wide tire. It is cool how the frame is 6061 (t6?) aluminium. It is solid though so it weighs a lot. The 24" OSS frame is 3.3 pounds and the Wilder Lightrider frame is only 1.44 pounds. I am not too fond of the colour yellow, but those OSS cycles look pretty cool, they are something different. I like it how a description of where to ride and the advantages over a bike are given.

I love the Yellow. But did anyone else notice the bearings are 35mm od? That seemed a bit weird.


yes i did,and i also read his other thread were he answered my question about this. I used parallel push linkage v-brakes and modified the angle of the cable to clear the 3.0 Gazz. It works just the same.

there is no way a V-brake will clear a 3.0 unless sombody makes the arms longer.