i really need some help!

so i have an older torker dx and i want to know if i can fit a new 20" kh rim on it. if you know i would really appreciate the help :slight_smile:

Just the rim… Unless you get a KH rim that’s drilled for 48 spokes, you will not be able to build the Torker hub into the KH rim. If you meant, could you use a KH wheelset (rim and hub complete), then, no, the Torker uses 40mm bearings. You’re better off using what you have until you can afford a whole new uni. The Torker frame is pretty heavy too.

What’s wrong with your rim?

Torkers generally aren’t worth upgrading or fixing. If you make it to the point where you are wearing them out or breaking parts, you really should invest in a nicer uni… You owe it to yourself.