I pulled some nice street riding today

hey everyone, its been a while since i’ve posted, but thats cause ive been out uniing! im all about the street riding now, and im improving every day. so i went out today and did some pretty good stuff. unfortunately my filmer is away, so i have no footage.

so here’s what happened. in one session i did: grind on a ledge, followed by a pedal rotation (theres some in universe… you pedal a full rotation while in the air… looks cool) anyways that was down a 3 set or stairs. then i hopped a 5 set of stairs and grabbed my wheel while i was in the air. so that was fun

another thing i did was: grind a ledge, do a shifty down a three set (shifty i turning your body and wheel 90 degrees and then bringing it back all while in the air) and then i footplanted a ledge that goes alongside that 5 set and i landed the footplant at the bottom of the set.

another session was: kickup mount, ride down 7 stairs, wheel grab a 3 set, and then grind the ledge that i footplanted alongside the 5 set.

after that, i figured i was doing pretty good and i decided to try to grind a handrail. so 5 tries later, after a few nasty falls, i finally grinded a handrail that went down a 4 set of stairs.

yup so thats what ive been up to. and i hope more people will join the street riding life. its great.

see ya, Kevin