i needs helpp

hi, i recently started unicycling in september, after i saw Kris Holm on TV. I caught on quickly for the most part. I can ride it forwards, turn, hop (not high but i can).
Heres where i need help though, i cant seem to be able to mount my unicycle with out holding onto something. i tried watching a video with someone doing it to see if i was doing something wrong but i couldnt pick anything. if you have any advise or tips or a video i can check out please let me know

Hawo friend. :smiley:

May this help you out somehow. A good tip would be to print out this link. So if you don’t catch on. You can always refer back to the paper you just printed…if that made sense. :smiley:

Your new good friend. :smiley:
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i know i am going to sound like all the other people but here goes…

when i learnt to mount, i was using a wall,but what i was doing was putting a little pressure on the back pedal (presuming they are horizontal) but not enough that the tire moved, then i pushed up the seat using my “inbetweenmylegs” part and kept going until the seat went over the other side of the wheel, then eventually i stopped at the top and put my other foot on the pedal. then the usual pedaling.

once you haave the whole pressure on the back foot down you should try it a bit further away from the wall within fingertips read just in case but makes you feel the need to be independent.

hope it kinda helps



this is my first jump landed, and rolled away from, its on the flat.

hopefully you might be able to see what im kinda doing when i mount.

You may want to learn how to idle so that you don’t UPD (Unplanned Dismount)

Other then that, i must say that i am impressed on how fast you are learning my friend. Keep up the good work and if still require assistance/help. Feel free to PM me or post here if you want as i will reply to it as soon as possible. :smiley:

thanks for the help

thanks for the help im going unicycling this week so ill sne how it goes and let you know then, you can also reach me on www.pinkbike.com where my user name is two11


Not sure why the most important bit of advice has not been given.


You will get it, just keep at it.Free mounting is the type of skill you will naturally pick up as you keep trying.

Good luck, welcome to the sport.

i got it!

hey guys thanks for all your help, I GOT IT!!!:D:D:)
today for the first time i got on my slef consistantly without holding on to anything!!! i got on without the hlpe of anything at least 80% of the time! thanks you so much for the help!:smiley:
Merci beacoup tout le monde!!!

Didn’t doubt ya for a second. :wink:

It also might help if your wearing some kind of shoe! :stuck_out_tongue:

I will try to make this make sense,LOL

the way i started actually was by putting the peddle that your starting with at the bottom so peddles are vertical and the peddle that your other foot is going to land on, aim that peddle so your foot goes strait into that peddle so your foot is less likely to bounce off. then as your positioned for the take off, push off with your foot on the ground and lean into that peddle and peddle out of it. its hard to describe, but thats how i learned. I learned static later (peddles horizontal).