i need new pedals/cranks...what ones?

ok so i just completeley stripped my right crank, and im pretty sure the pedal is ruined too (i dont know, i cant get it off) so im gonna get new cranks and probably new pedals too (even if i dont need them) so for cranks i ws just going to get the lx cranks again. is there any really strong cotterless cranks that cost under $30-$35? also for pedals im either going to get the animal HAMILTONs (in white) from dc or the JCs (in red or blue) from there


EDIT: i guess i should complete the post

what pedals would be better? has anyone even tryed the hamiltons yet? there only like a month or two old.

another edit: i just pulled the pedal off and it looks a little worn down too

Check these ones out. Otherwise I hear Jimmy Cs rock.

those look evil! will a kommando grind plate fit those?

I have one on mine, but they are hard to put on. It depends on which Kommando plate you have. The smaller one fits, larger doesn’t.