I need list of tricks (trials/street) that I can learn in order!

Hiya guys:) Started unicycling about 1 month and 1 week ago and let me tell you that i freaking love it! I loved it so much that I used my college loan money to buy myself KH trials 20 (with 135mm cranks if that matters) and some leg armor to dedicate myself to the sport. Im 19 so im tad late into the sport but i dont caree.

Anyways, i know there are lot of unicycling tricks and skills to learn.
If you guys can help me out and give me a list of tricks that i should learn in order (or approximate order probably of difficulty or mebe even style), that would be awesome. Obviously there are a million tricks/spins/rolls and whatnots you can do but hey everyones different so it will be interesting to see the list. Everyone learns differently. Lastly, if you have any sites or videos that can help, that would be awesome!!!

the skill level im at (novice)- i can now idle 5-10 times (on one side only haha), ride off 3 stairs, bunny hopping around, starting to ride backwards smoother and better, and starting to learn how to ride better with SIF.


Working on both. For now I can only offer you skill levels, and standard skills, plus have a look at other pages here.

hey leo,
ive been to those pages and looked at the levels and im planning to start working on the levels. i just wanted to know if there were more “personalized” and condensed lists to follow. cool

Just learn what you think you can do! I’d suggest starting with Unispin, no footers are cool too. What level are you now? Like what can you do on your uni?

EDIT: Nevermind, I just saw at the end of your first post:p Start with the unispin, one of the easiest trick, Jump mount, hop on wheel maybe.

ok work on hopping a whole bunch. up curbs, stairs, you name it. then you can learn freestyle tricks such as riding with one foot. dont bother trying to unispin until you are very comfortable on a unicycle.

I tried a jump mount for the first time today and landed it like 5 times in a row!
I was quite excited haha.
I tried a unispin and its scary as eff so i didnt even try to land on the pedals. but that will come later hahaha.
i need to get my khtrials before i start any major jumping.

so jumping, unispin/freestyle. lets add to this listtt

just learn what you think you will like.
if you ride with a group of people you will probably pick up a bunch of tips/tricks off them. being new to the sport i recommend finding some fellow riders of any skill level. you can learn things off anyone else who rides. if you like a trick search youtube for tutorials, and if you cant find the help you need there search these forums.
good luck on your journey.

Not yet, but working on it.

got something for me leo :]?

update: i can idle well on my right side and decently on my left. I can go backwards infinitely backwards but cant turn while doing so yet. just started trying one leg idling and rolling jumps. sif still taxes my body

Watch videos, pick a few tricks you want to learn, try them all, see which you are closest too, learn it. Repeat. :slight_smile:


i’ve started making this list

Here’s a list of the Extreme Unicycling Skills! Maybe this can help you:


Good luck!!


is there a certain technique to hoppin? :thinking: